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Title: Purely Accordion Light Music by Norvic Concordia
Artist: Norvic Concordia Accordion Quintet: Kevin Mitchelson, Peter Ayers, Warren King, Mary Dent and Margaret Ledger
Supplied by: Norvic Concordia
Review date: May 11th 2001

1. Blue Tango
2. It's All Right With Me
3. I Will Wait For You
4. Extase Tango
5. The Tall Ships
6. The Leaves of Oman
7. The Imp in The Bottle
8. La Cumparsita
9. 'Allo 'Allo
10. Under Paris Skies
11. Last of the Summer
12. Domino
13. Dancing Madalynne
14. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song
15. Spanish Eyes
16. Air from Suite No 3 in D
17. My Florence
18. My Fair Lady

"Established in 1991 in the Norwich area, Norvic Concordia has gained a reputation for its ability to provide an enjoyable experience that appeals to a wide range of musical tastes. Its growing repertoire covers from Bach to Bartok in the classical field to a wide variety of popular music, whether from ragtime, jazz, musicals or popular standards. This CD covers the lighter side of the repertoire and is set out in the form of a typical light music concert with pieces for quintet, trio, duets and solos. The title "Purely Accordion" aptly describes what you hear - just accordion, five in number. No amplifications or other instruments are needed to make a satisfactory sound".

As described by the performers, the Norvic Concordia accordion quintet covers a wide spectrum of styles. For this recording their repertoire consists of the popular, light tunes such as Blue Tango, 'Allo 'Allo, My Fair Lady, etc.

Their choice of tunes is also quite interesting, as some of the evergreen tunes recorded by Norvic Concordia are rarely heard on accordion recordings.

The Quintet's arrangements of popular tunes is also successful. They are written for various combinations - the whole quintet, duets, solos, trios - so quite a variety is presented.

This recording includes simple, ever-green, easy listening tunes, pleasant and enjoyable entertainment, played by a group of people who obviously enjoy what they do. If this is what you are after - then this recording is the way to go!

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