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Title: Partita
Artist: Friedrich Lips
Supplied by: Herbert Scheibenreif
Review date: April 27th 2001

1. W.A. Mozart - Andante and Allegro fur ein Orgelwerk in einer Uhr Fantasie No. 1, F minor
2. D. Scarlatti - Sonate C minor, Sonate F Major, Sonate E Major
3. Repnikov - Kindersuite No. 2 "Souvenirs"
4. V. Zolotaryov - Partita No. 1, Allegro, Grave, Andantino, Presto
5. V. Zolotaryov - Sonate No. 2

The name of Friedrich Lips is well known in international musical circles and by many he is regarded as "The Greatest Accordionist Alive". Lips's artistry has certainly made a huge impact on the development of the accordion in general.

I have had the opportunity to hear Lips perform live many times, and the impression his performance leaves is totally awesome. It is one of those performances where you think about it and remember it for days after the concert - that is how powerful his mastery is. His recordings make an equally high impression.

Lips opens up his program with Mozart's organ work Fantasie No. 1, F minor, Andante and Allegro. This is a piece of rare beauty where Lips achieves the impressive grandiosity of the pipe organ, at the same time putting filigree work on the style. His knowledge and understanding of the classical style is tremendous and so convincing that it leaves the listener thinking "That is it! And it couldn't be any other way!" I felt the same way after hearing the Scarlatti Sonates. His performance is "just perfect" - tempo wise, touch wise, timing, just right expression, and so different to many performances I have heard so far. It is that "little bit" that makes all the difference. As famous Russian pianist, Professor Neigauz wrote "A 'little bit' too fast or slow, a 'little bit' too much or too little expression, tiny little bit out of timing and - it is already not that!" In Lips's case that 'little bit' (which is hardest to achieve) is PERFECT.

This recording also includes two very important works by Zolotaryov - Partita No1 and Sonata No2. Initiated by Lips who played the premiere of the Sonata No. 2, the finale showed for the first time in the history of the accordion the bellows technique of "ricochet".

Awesome performance! A "must have" in the phono-library of any classical accordionist.                                                       

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