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Title: De Profundis
Artist: Friedrich Lips
Supplied by: Herbert Scheibenreif
Review date: July 28th 2000

Cordoba - Albeniz
Asturias - Albeniz
Malaguena - Lecuona
Spanish Dance No 5 - Granados
Dance of the White Indian - Villa-Lobos
Sentido Unico - Piazzolla
Basso Ostinato - Schedrin
Humoresque - Schedrin
In the style of Albeniz - Schedrin
Maiden dance from the ballet "Sea-horses" - Schedrin
Quadrille from the opera " Not only love" - Schedrin
De Profundis - Gubaidulina

The artistry of Friedrich Lips, one of the greatest classical accordionists ever, by many regarded as 'the greatest', is well known around the globe.

Lips's selection for this recording is a variety of Spanish, Argentinean and Russian pieces. The works of the Spaniards: Albeniz, Granados, the Cuban Lecuona and the Brazilian Villa-Lobos are well known in their versions for the piano, guitar and also symphony orchestra. On this recording we can hear them in Lips's transcription for the bayan, presented inspiringly, with the wideness in expressions and with a lot of feeling for the very essence of the Spanish spirituality.

A 'bridge' piece between the Spanish and Russian compositions is a miniature by the Argentinean composer Piazzolla, which takes us into the immortal world of the tango, performed with a mature passion and noble emotions.

Characteristic of Schedrin's works (who is one of Russia's most important and prominent contemporary composers) is their colorful melodies and refined humor. Lips brings to us this simplicity and warmth of the melodizm and settleness of the humor with great mastery.

The last piece on the recording is "De Profundis" by Sofia Gubaidulina, inspired by the well known religious psalm "From the depths of my despair I call to you Lord". Written in Contemporary music language, this piece describes the spiritual travel of a human soul from the darkest and deepest points of despair through fighting full of suffering and pain to the light and hope.

This recording is a masterpiece and definitely worth purchasing.


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