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Title: Mist in the Glen
Artist: Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra
Supplied by: Keith Dickson Accordion Orchestra
Review date: 14th January 2000

Cutting Bracken
Wild Mountain Thyme
MacDonald's March to the War
Skye at Last
The Wee Man from Skye
Mrs MacLeod of Raasay
Mist in the Glen
The Wedding
After the Battle
Highland Cathedral

Here is a group of young musicians from South Scotland, performing traditional Scottish music and songs. Their orchestra includes accordions, keyboards, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, soloists : vocal, Scots fiddle, highland bagpiper.

HIGH PROFESSIONALISM is the first impression of this orchestra from the moment you start listening. Although they are mainly young musicians, they achieve superb togetherness and musicianship between the players as well as an amazing sound maturity. Supporting instruments and vocals also help create a sophisticated sound picture and the accordions blend in so naturally and smoothly.

I believe the arrangements are a great part of the success of this recording. Here we have Scottish traditional pieces but they are approached in a new way: they gained a somewhat 'modern' sound without losing any of the traditional Scottish characteristics. In brief, the arrangements are talented and refreshing.

Very enjoyable recording, I highly recommend it. Would be one of the best entertainment accordion orchestras I have came across.

I also have to remark on the SUPERB sound recording quality (great cover photo too!).

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