Accordion History in the Netherlands
Accordion History


First found in the Netherlands at the beginning of the century, the accordion most probably arrived via the German border. It is played mainly in the east, particularly in the region of Achterhoekse, which had a diatonic accordion tradition lead by artists such as Herman Oudenampsen, Jan Klein-Hesseling, Gerrit Klompenhouwer and Hendrick Lievens. Terschelling (a small island in the north) also produced some good musicians including William de Heck.

Some of the Netherlands has produced its best accordionists in the field of jazz, notably Matt Matthews and Johnny Meijer.

Dutch accordionists were also fond of the musette style, which probably reached them through Belgium. A specialist in this style was Frans Van Capelle. Perhaps the best known Dutch accordionist is Harry Mooten, who taught himself.

Arie Maasland (1908-1980), who was best known as Malando, specialised in Latin American music, and became famous with his tango, "Olé Guapa" (composed in 1937), and his tango orchestra.

Accordionist John Woodhouse was also very popular with audiences, and released many LP's and CD's.
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