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Harley Jones began piano lessons with Percy Smallfield at the age of six continuing until his attainment of LTCL and registration as a teacher of piano and theory in 1975. In 1979 he was elected to the Council of the Auckland Society of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand serving on this and later on the Committee of the Auckland Branch of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers until 1994, holding the position of Chairperson from 1983 to 1985.

The Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand is indebted to Harley Jones for the vision and drive which led to the introduction of a training programme for music teachers. In 1985 the Council of the Institute set up an Auckland-based Committee to design a pre-service course for new teachers, appointing Harley as Chairperson.

He brought to this position not only tireless energy and commitment, but a wealth of ideas and business experience. His unfailing interest and tenacity of purpose carried through the production of both the Pre-Service Course Package in 1985 and later, in 1989-90, the three units of the In-Service Courses. During the Pilot Course in 1986, participants and tutors alike were inspired by his support, vitality and infectious enthusiasm.

At the same time, Harley was Secretary of the Education Committee, also established by Council in 1985, to co-ordinate teacher training. He continue in this position until 1993, encouraging branch committees to become involved in Training Courses.

Besides his involvement with the Institute of Registered Music Teachers, Harley is recognised internationally as a virtuoso accordionist, giving concerts and masterclasses in many countries. He is Vice-President of the New Zealand Accordion Association and an executive member of the Accordion Examination Board of New Zealand.

From the age of nine, Harley studied with his father, the late Allan Jones, becoming New Zealand Accordion Champion at fourteen and representing New Zealand at the Coupe Mondiale International Accordion Solo Competition in New York at the age of sixteen. After gaining his ATDNZ in 1976, Harley had Accordion added to his registration.

He was a soloist with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on a CD and on other accordion LP records. As Co-Director of the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra, Harley has organised nine successful tours to USA, Asia and Europe, three of which were undertaken as New Zealand Cultural Ambassadors.

Enterprise, business and organisational skills were used by Harley in establishing Music Education Centres where teachers of many instruments are provided with training as well as professional employment. Harley has always worked to promote the Institute, encouraging teachers to seek both registration and ever-higher standards in their profession.

The Auckland branch has much pleasure in nominating Harley Jones as a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand.

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