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2010 USA Tour
9th April to 2nd May, 2010

Second Concert on Tour
Karen Fremar, Terry Scheffler, Kevin Friedrich, Jane Christison, Shelby Scheffler
Shelby Scheffler, Grayson, Terry Scheffler, Kevin Friedrich
Grayson, Janne Silfverberg and Brett Gibson (born NZ, UMKC graduate who has played in prominent Irish bands and also concerto with symphony orchestra)
Grayson, Brett Gibson, Kevin Friedrich, Juha Silfverberg
Jane Christison, Grayson, Joan Sommers, famous tutor, UMKC Director and recipient for many other accolades during her career, Samantha Jarquio
All the group Vivant with Grayson
International Trio players, Juha and Julie Silfverberg, Grayson, Kevin Friedrich
Grayson holding a copy of the newspaper, The New Zealand Herald June 1992, where the front page features a photo and article of the International Trio (USA) and standing on a chair, a little boy and girl who were the two youngest competitors at the South Pacific Accordion Championships.
Guess who the 5 year old boy was!!!!!
Here the International Trio of Juha and Julie Silfverberg, Kevin Friedrich re-enact the photo with Grayson Masefield again standing on the chair!!!!!! Lots of laughter and fun all around - who would ever believe!!!!!!
Juha Silfverberg, Grayson Masefield, Kevin Friedrich, Juha's father Risto Silfverberg and Jane Christison.
Grayson Masefield and Jane Christison showing her accordion product name "Music With A Smile" is as large as ever.
Grayson Masefield pointing at his picture standing on a chair in the front page article of the New Zealand Herald when he was 5 years old.
Juha Silfverberg, Grayson Masefield, Risto Silfverberg.
Grayson and Karen Fremar playing together with Vivant backing
Vivant performing
Interview with Grayson
Karen performed a few original works she had written. The Herrick’s Road (commissioned by the AAA that we heard in New York, written for the Faithe Deffner honoring), and a new work ‘Sterling Illusions’ for Trombone, Vibraphone and accordion, written for Juha and Julie’s Silverberg's son Janne, for his graduation recital (Trombone performance Music degree), which was presented the week before.

New York City Concert Debut for Grayson Masefield sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association (AAA)

American Accordionists' Association (AAA) President Linda Soley Reed making the Opening Speech of the concert.
Kevin Friedrich (ex CIA President and current AAA Board member) and Linda Soley Reed.
Sandy Zera (who was kindly hosting Grayson), Tony Davies-Jones and Rita Davidson, Editor of the USA News
??, Mauro Grecco, Dominic Karcic
Well known teacher, performer and AAA 1st Vice-President Frank and Carmela Busso
Mary Tokarski, Peter Stan, Rita Davidson
Rita Davidson, Mary Tokarski
Harley Jones of Accordions Worldwide accordions.com, Rita Davidson
Introduction of music by Grayson
Second half of the concert playing virtuoso entertainment music
Grayson Masefield and Rita Davidson
Grayson being congradulated after the concert by friends and fans
Mary Tokarski, Grayson, Linda Soley, Marilyn O'Neil
Frank and Carmela Busso with Grayson
Frank Busso, Kevin Friedrich, Grayson Masefield, Dominic Karcic, Joe Ciccone, ???.
Frank and Carmela Busso with Grayson Masefield
Grayson Masefield was the Guest Artist on April 25, 2010 for the Connecticut Accordion Association to a full house audience at the popular Cugino’s Italian Restaurant in Cheshire, CT.

Right from the beginning, this incredibly talented young man’s first entrance, Grayson mesmerized the audience. They watched intently as Grayson wowed them with his classical program on his fantastic sounding Titano Emperor accordion, including works by Semionov, Scarlatti, Bach, Mozart, and so much more! There was nothing short of amazement to watch Grayson’s fingers fly over those keys, both right and left hands, with precision and elegance and superb musicianship.

After a short break, Grayson re-appeared, but this time with a different accordion – his Hohner – for a Variety program. The contrast in style had a very impressive impact on the audience, and his version of Piazzolla’s Oblivion visibly touched them. He ended with Pondichery Tango by Jerome Richard, and added the Tico Tico and Le Tempete following standing ovations by the insistent very happy audience.

Thank you for an afternoon of great accordion music, Grayson!

Sandy Zera

Meeting me (Harley Jones) at the door were two dear friends and wonderfully talented accordionists, Monica Slomski, twice USA representative at the Coupe Mondiale with an awesome 2nd place and Mary Tokarski, another former USA Champion, 1971, who achieved a wonderful 3rd place in the 1973 Coupe Mondiale and 2nd place in that years pop category. What a nice meeting from long time friends!
Sandy Zera, Harley Jones. Linda Soley Reed, Grayson, Ed Zeta, Mary Tokarski and Monica Slomski enjoying an after concert pre-dinner drink.
A huge thanks for the team who put together this concert and thanks also for the after concert good times with long time friends.
Dr. Salvatore M. Febbraio opening the concert.
Salvatore Febbraio, Linda Soley Reed, Harley Jones
Salvatore Febbraio, Linda Soley Reed
???, Salvatore Febbraio, Linda Soley Reed
Salvatore Febbraio, ?????
Salvatore Febbraio and the Mayoral representative Rasul Salahuddin decutive commisioner of the Mount Virnon department of recreation who presented Grayson with two cetificate of appreciation from the mayors office making a speech thanking Grayson.
Salvatore Febbraio and the Mayoral representative Rasul Salahuddin making a presentation of thanks to Grayson Masefield.
Grayson performing
Grayson being introduced for the second half concert
Grayson performimg
Accordionist ???
Two well known local accordionists,


Stella Allison
Stella Allison the sponser of the concert of Fairhaven Community Center, Sykesville, Maryland on Thursday April 29th. The concert was also sponsered by Joan Grauman and Stella Allison, Private event.
Well known accordionist and owner of SqueezinArt, Joan Grauman making the opening speech.
Grayson performing
Grayson performing
Grayson performing
Grayson performing
Grayson performing
Hohner Bellow
Grayson Masefield, Joan Grauman, Stella Allison
Harley Jones, Grayson Masefield, Stella Allison
A good sized audience for the concert.
Grauman Party on 30th April
Grayson Masefield playing at Grauman's living room
Tony, Harley, Manny Bobenrieth (accordionist for the US Army Strolling Strings), Grayson, Lou Coppola (retired accordionist for the US Air Force Strolling Strings and the first AAA accordion champion in 1955)
The next morning we were all invited to the New Zealand Embassy in Washington where Grayson was congratulated by the New Zealand Ambassador on his recent international competition successes. Tony Davies Jones, Grayson and New Zealand Ambassador to Washington, career diplomat Roy Fergusson.
Ambassdor Ferguson enjoying a performance by Grayson Masefield
A fun photo of Grayson Masefield, with New Zealand embassy staff, with Ambassador Ferguson holding out the bellows of the accordion to show the New Zealand symbol of the silver fern. After holding out the bellows for a little while for the photo to be taken, Ambassador Ferguson remarked, this takes a lot more energy than it looks!
Grayson Masefield, Washington friends and New Zealand embassy staff.
Dan Grauman, a great supporter of accordion at the Masonic Temple
Donna Massey and Mike Roche
Sherry Sanabria, JoAnn Pankow, and Joan Grauman, three enthusiastic accordionists”.
Frank and Suzanne Busso
Joan Grauman and Karen Malan-Uribe
Joan Grauman
Grayson Masefield performing
Grant and Robyn Leersnyder, Tony Davies Jones. Robyn formerly from New Zealand was a member of the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra and toured in the USA and Europe with that orchestra and also to Texas with another group of New Zealand accordionists.
Harley Jones, Robyn Leersnyder , Tony Davies Jones
Frank Busso Jnr and with Suzanne
Frank Busso Jnr and Grayson
Frank Busso Jnr, Grayson, and Suzanne Busso
Frank Busso Jnr, Merv Conn and Joan Grauman

The American Accordionists' Association held an extremely successful fundraising event at the Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, New York, on Sunday, May 2nd, where over 200 attendees enjoyed an outstanding afternoon of accordion music, set to wine tasting and dinner.
Magnanini Winery
Tony Davies Jones, Joan and Dan Grauman, Rita Davidson
Anita Slarkowski with the perfect hat for a winery event!
and then, we were treated to nice music by Bob and Anita Slarkowski while the wine tasting was being enjoyed.
Donna Massey and Mike Roche
Mary Mancini, Marilyn O"Neil
Sandy Zera and accordionist Bob Vitale
Bob Vitale and AAA President Linda Soley Reed
Sandy Zera
AAA Board members Mauro Grecco and First Vice-President Frank Busso Snr
Emilio Magnotta, Grayson Masefield, Dr. Joseph Ciccone
Carmen Carrozza making his entrance to the event being serenaded in by Bob Vitale
Packed event Winery function center.
Event compere Ray Oreggia introducing AAA President Linda Soley Reed
Linda Soley Reed Opening Speech
Linda Soley Reed conducting
Mary Mancini and Mario Tacca performing
Mario Tacca
Mario Tacca
Mario Tacca
Past president of the AAA, Carmen Carrozza and Dr.Salvatore Febbraio
Carmen Carrozza, Dr.Salvatore Febbraio, Rita Davidson
Carmen Carrozza, Dr.Salvatore Febbraio, Harley Jones
Frank Toscana and Frank Carozza (no relation to Carmen Carrozza)
Dominic Karcic and Ray Oreggia
Beverly Roberts Curnow
Busso Trio of Frank Busso Snr, Frank Busso Jnr and Christina.
Sandy Zeta in fun clown costume adding to the party atmosphere.
Grayson performing to the rapt auidence
Grayson performing and enjoying several standing ovations
Emilio Magnotta
Beverly Roberts Curnow and Bob McMahan
Eddie Monteiro and Frank Toscana
Carmen Carrozza conducting the group of performers all playing "Jolly Caballero"
A real fun way to conclude a superb afternoon of nice wines, good food, lots of fun and marvellous music.
That bought to an end,Grayson's tour to the USA as he left on the plane the next morning.
Huge thanks to all the concert organisers and the American Accordionists' Association

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