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How do I RECORD?

Recording your lesson

Probably the best way to record your lesson is to use a dedicated MP3 recorder, specifically the Roland R-05, with an external Sony stereo condenser microphone. This recorder is best, with the very important pause feature. This recorder and mic are available from the auction sites, online retailers and local electronics stores. For more information on the Roland R-05, including how to purchase, click here.

File Types
For your recording, use only 96kbps MP3. This will provide all the quality you need in a reasonable file size.

The Microphone
Accordions are notorious for being difficult to record. For good quality recording it is critical to use a high quality condenser mic such as the Sony ECM MS907 stereo recording mic. For the accordion, it records as good as a $20K condenser mic! 'Built in' mics and all others are not capable of recording the accordion clearly. In my 26 years of experience, all other mics have proven to record the accordion with a lot of annoying static and distortion. Only use the Sony mic! They are widely available at your favorite online retailer for $80 to $100 or used at an auction site for even less. For more information on this model of mic, including where to purchase, check here.

Your Studio
Be sure to choose a quiet location when recording. Avoid grass mowing and leaf blowing times. Be mindful of your washer, dryer and dishwasher. Even an overhead fan can produce a rhythmic sound that interferes with recording, as can a loud fan in a desktop computer. Never use batteries for the Roland R-05 (or anything else), always use the charger plugged in. This will give you cleaner and more stable power that will help recording. Position your mic centrally, 2 to 3 feet away from your accordion. If your mic has a setting such as 90° and 120°, use the narrowest range to minimize noise. Experiment with distance, location and volume settings a bit until you get a clear recording with distinct treble and bass.

Sending Files
Sending your lesson MP3 to Gary is easy. Simply click the "SEND a lesson file" link to the left and follow the directions. No special account or file transfer service is needed.