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HOW does it work?

The MP3 Lesson Process

Thank you for your interest in this very effective and unique learning concept. Your individualized lessons will be an exciting and rewarding adventure that features fast tract results while being easy to implement.

You record a lesson whenever you're ready.   Next, you email the recording to me. If not playing my arrangements, include a copy of the sheet music you are using (scan to a PDF file).

I record your return mp3 lesson using my mp3 recorder while listening to your recording. I do not need to see you in action because after more than 50 years of teaching I can hear it all. I do request a few photos from time to time to check your accordion positioning and hand positioning. This whole process simulates an in-person lesson with a few extra advantages:

  • I can stop your recording as often as needed to address a problem area or demonstrate something, without interrupting the natural flow of your true playing. This is not possible with in-person lessons because it interrupts your prepared playing flow.

  • I can replay a piece and/or parts of your recording for you to hear and undersand the problem. Again, this is simply not possible with in-person lessons.

  • You will be relaxed without the pressure of a teacher present and can record in the same location as your daily practice. This has proven to be a more accurate representation of your true lesson ability.

  • You can review the recorded lesson over and over for reference while practicing or for taking notes to apply to your sheet music. You can even refer to earlier lessons again as needed ... so you actually get many extra lessons for the price of one!

When you receive your MP3 lesson, you should listen through first with a pencil and sheet music in front of you to write any reminders for more efficient practice. You will also be able to write in any critical changes to the musical arrangement that I suggest.

For best results, practice your lesson 12 to 14 days and then record immediately on the last day while at your top performing level. This is the same time frame as a private in-person lesson. Don't wait until complete perfection ... a few slips here and there are committed by all of us. Do your best; I can read between the lines on how well you know your lesson. Steady regular lessons will assure your expected advancement. Only one lesson per month will greatly slow down your progress and leave you to create many hard to correct bad habits.