Exhibitors, Musicians, Visitors, Friends ... from the A-Z Accordion and Music World...
in Frankfurt to present-to see-to hear everything "NEW"
and to meet accordion enthusiasts and musicians from around the world!

April 15-18th Hall 3.1

Elisa Lanari and Selenia Menghini from Scandalli Accordions Selenia Menghini, Mirco Patarini and Elisa Lanari (Scandall)
Fam. Zimmermann/Distributor Germany/Bugari Holda with Andrea Ottavianelli from Bugari
Beniamino Bugiolacchi (Italcinte)Calro Bugiolacchi and Amleto Dallapé Amleto Dallapé and Holda
Piermaria booth with Ramon/Gabbanelli and Bruno Casali at the Pigini stand
  Fausto Fabi from Pasco/Paolo Soprani with Holda
Carlo Bugiolacchi, Massimo Pigini and Beniamino Bugiolacchi (Italcinte) .....at Mengascini's with Pietro Adragna
at the Baffetti stand with Genuino and Milena Baffetti the Zero Sette group with Alessio
Giansandro Breccia, Michele Moreschi, Fausto Fabi Pasco/Paolo Soprani and Giansandro Breccia from Pasco/Paolo Soprani
at the Bugari Stand Kimmo Mattila from Finland with Holda
.....at Mengascini's with Pietro Adragna and Matteo at the Musictech Stand
Matteo Mengascini, Elisa Lanari and Michele Moreschi ( .....at Mengascini's with Pietro Adragna
at the Bonifassi Stand with Jean Louis Noton Francesco Mengascini from Beltuna Accoridons
Christa Benke with doughter....at Beltuna's the "Karlson's" with Holda
Matthias Matzke at Roland Roland
Family Titlbach Harmonikas from Czech Republic Manfred Kaierle from Roland/Germany
Scandall Accordions with Elisa Lanari, Peter Moger and Selenia Menghini Peter Moger
Massimo Pigini, Donatelli Melelli, Heinz Aumùller Massimo Pigini is proudly giving a welcome to Alessandro Pigini (4th generation Pigini born on 31. March 2015)
Stefano Mengascini with Patrick Janssens and Sergio Domesi Petar Maric, Mirco Patarini Scandalli Accordionsand Aleksandar Nikolic
Gennaro Ruffari, Franceso Mengascini and Pasquale Coviello Stephan Bonifassi, Sergio Domesi and Jean Luis Noton
at the Scandalli stand Matteo Mengascini and Michele Moreschi /Pasco/Paolo Soprani
the SUNNY BOYS .... AnnaRita and Claudio from Musictech
Ignazio Sorci from Cagnoni Andrea Zucchini from Cagnoni
Roberto Ottavianelli / Bugari Accordions Donatella Melelli and Holda
at the Beltuna Stand.... ...
Amleto Dallapé - Beniamino Bugiolacchi (Italcinte) Claudio Sabbatini /Musictech with distributor and translator
Karl Schwarz+daughter with Carlo and Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Italcinte Musictech performing Pino Dimodugno/Paolo Miles with Claudio Sabbatini
Riccardo Breccia, Emiliana Roviaro, Roberto Palermo and Amleto Dallapé charming Milena Mengascini on the busy Beltuna Booth
Bugari Accordions - beautiful new designs and for sure new features... above german distributor Mrs. Zimmermann
The Fabio Mengascini Family with wife and son Matteo/Stefano Mengascini (right) with Buzor Nemic and above/left Buzor with Pietro Adragna
New features - also for Pigini! Helpfully informing: Donatella Melelli  
Selenia Menghini from Scandalli Accordions with Fausto Fabi
at Piermaria with Ramon (above) and ... Eric Piermaria and Andrea Gabbanelli
The colourful Dino Baffetti Brand shining in unusual grey/graphit in a very special and elegant way as shown by Genuino Baffetti
New Features also presented by Fausto Fabi/Michele Moreschi/and above GS Breccia Pasco/Paolo Soprani with Oriana from & VociArmoniche
Milena Mengascini presenting their new versions of brilliant and elegant colours for their Beltuna accordions Gatto jr with famous living legend of Italy Pino DiModugno
New Digital Features MT 03 of Musictech presented by MariaRita Musictech
Sergio Domesi, Stéphane Bonifassi and Jean Luis Noton Holda with Mr. Titlbach from Cech Republik
The "golden plated" new Zero Sette Jewel Giansandro Breccia with Oriana from VociArmoniche
Neno Vespasiani, Marco Cinaglia, Massimiliano Marrucci, Piero Cameli
Musical Instruments from Check Rep.Ivana and Vaclav Hnilicka with Mr. Titlbach
Holda with Hans Torbin/distributor for Giustozzi Accordions/Holdand The Hohner Instruments exhibition Window at the Musik Meyer Stand

that was it for the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015
we hope you have enjoyed meeting - it was for the 18th time from my part

OUR 19th Musikmesse-Time for next year is scheduled
but attention
also the timetable has slightly changed and will be from:

thursday 7th of april until sunday 10th april 2016


in the meantime keep on playing and enjoying music trying out all the new features of the newly presented accordions during the Messe!