Exhibitors, Musicians, Visitors, Friends ... from the A-Z Accordion and Music World...
in Frankfurt to present-to see-to hear everything "NEW"
and to meet accordion enthusiasts and musicians from around the world!

The "Accordion Exposition" has been moved from Hall 3.1 to Hall 4.1

New Stands, New Positions, New Situation
but never the less - all new intruments are there for the public to view and to try
the many artists are demonstrating the great new features


Here a view what happend during the exhibition:

Presentation of the new Roland Dallapé digital Accordion
below: during the press conference
Roland Dallapé digital Accordion
Below: Roland Directors with Amleto Dallapé
Roland - Sergio Cappini Roland Ludovic Beier
Ballone Burini Andrea and Max from Maxim's Group Antonio Spaccarotella Fred Deschamps Mirco Patarini/Scandalli
Baffetti Baffetti
Beltuna Group Ballone Burini Andrea and Max from Maxim's Group
Beltuna Pino Dimodugno Bugari
Bugari Cagnoni
Victoria Elke and Master Production Antonella Gianni Mirizzi - Holda
Master Midi Gianni Mirizzi - Antonella and Roberto Gianni Mirizzi and Giampiero Giustozzi
Gianni Mirizzi and Roberto/Master Midii Giampiero Giustozzi and Hans Torbin
Holda and Antonella Master Midi Holda and Frederic Deschamps
Piermaria Anacleto/Bruno Piermaria / IMC Bruno Casi and Ramon with translator (left)
Amleto Dallapé/Holda/Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Italcinte The Lovels/the accordion shop London with Holda
Master Midi and Antonio Spaccarotella
Max Ciucciumei from Maxim's Group
Kàrnterland The Roayal Squeeze Box
Gianni Ruffolo with Annarita Musictech Musictech
Pasco/Paolo Soprani (Michele_german representative_Fausto Fabi) Pasco/Paolo Soprani Michele Moreschi, Fausto Fabi, Giansandro Breccia
Pasco/Paolo Soprani Pigini Federico with Holda
The Royal Squeeze Box Scandalli
Pigini Federico/Massimo Gama
Italcinte/Beniamino Bugiolacchi_Holda_Amleto Dallapé Reed Makers Harmonikas/ Fam.Titlbach
Roland Uwe Steeger Antonio Spaccarotella and Holda
Giampiero Giustozzi - Antonella Toccaceli Master- Gianni Mirizzi Pino DiModugno Beltuna
Piermaria / IMC Bruno Casali with Ramon Roland Alessandra Curzi
Italcinte Francesca and Beniamino Saltarelle Accordions and Baffetti Accordions
Musictech crowd.... Annarita filming artist
Mengascini Stefano with Artist French acc. magazine with "Speedy" and Fred Deschamps
Fred Deschamps, Alessandra Curzi Roland, Antonella Toccaceli (Master) Roland Alessandra Curzi and Manfred Kaierle

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keep check for further news upon new products....Frankfurt will be waiting for YOU
12-15th March 2014

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