Exhibitors, Musicians, Visitors, Friends ... from the A-Z Accordion and Music World...
in Frankfurt to present-to see-to hear everything "NEW"
and to meet accordion enthusiasts and musicians from around the world!

Steirischer Harmonika Producer "Alpen" from Slovenia ....having a dance with Holda Mirco Patarini Paolo Soprani /Scandalli, Baffetti brothers, Selly Menghini and Bruno Casali IMC
Ballone Burini Fabio and Andrea Fabio Ballone Burini with cinese collaborator
Francesco Beltuna with artist Francesco (middle)Beltuna with Christa Benke and Pino DiModugno Beltuna Sikoba Staff and Pino DiModugno

Binci Voci (Claudio) Holda and Fabio BB

Borsini Giancarlo with Holda
Roberto Ottavianelli Bugari Armandowith son (left) collaborator and artist Roman Jbanov
Roberto Ottavianelli-Bugari Artist - Roman Jbanov Bugari Artist the Bugari Roberto Ottavianelli and Sergio Scappini
Horst Fausel/Hohner (center) with the Cagnoni Staff

Nello Gabrielloni and Jurgens Ciccarelli Amleto Dallapé and Holda
Delicia Zdenek Koutny with daughter and wife Mary FIPA Accordions - Polverini Lido with son
Fismen Guenther Lerch with Holda Galassi Bellows - Father Renzo with Son Manufacturers Group: Cagnoni/Borsini/Ballone Burrini Andrea/Fabio
group:jam at BB

The HDS Midi group

The Herold Company/Klingenthal
Hohner Board of Directors: Arthur Chuang, Christof Niederwieser, Holda, Klaus Stetter,Gerhard Mueller, Horst Fausel
Hohner: Horst Fausel, Holda,Klaus Stetter and Frank Heinrich from
Musik Meyer/Germany
The IMC - Musicians and Piermaria artist Ramon Pereira/France Holda with Ulrich Schmuelling / Intermusik
The Italcinte "Family" of Beniamino Bugiolacchi Antonella and Roberto from Master Production Italcinte Beniamino Bugiolacchi with Antonella Master Production
Jon Hammond and Jennifer on their 24th consecutive visit to Frankfurt
Limex Midi / Austria Ernst Strasser (middle) with Limex Midi/Austria
Marco Magi Bags - Cases with collaborator Marco Magi junior Michor Hannes/Austria
Musictech artists Giansandro Breccia - Mario Moreschi /Pasco Part of the Musictech "didigital acc.orchestra family" of Claudio Sabatini and Maria Rita
The Mengascini company with a group of artists...on the right Buzor Nenic
Fabio and Stefano Mengascini with artist from Germany Fabio Mengascini with Iwein Jacobs at Accordeons Viseur/Belgium Mengascini brothers with hungarian repair specialist
Orla Mr./Mrs.Enrico Monaci, Claudia Orlandi with Monaci jun. Andrea Naspi/Pigini with artist Roberto Lucanero/Excelsior/ Pigini with Holda
Andrea Naspi/Pigini Roberto Lucanero/Excelsior/ Tiziana and Federico Pigini
Tiziana Office-Pigini/Italy with Massimo Pigini
Polverini Group with Max Ciucciumei, Paolo d'Ascani (left) son of Piergiacomo P. Mat Danton from Australia and Antonio and Piergiacomo Polverini (right)
Vincent Roux.....Saltarelle/France Schlosser Company from Klingenthal Roland Alessandra Curzi and Claus Aktroprak / Germany
Roland Alessandra Curzi and Manfred Kaierle/Germany Roland Marco Cinaglia-Lugi Bruit with Sergio Scappini Roland Europe President Alfredo Maroni, Luigi Bruti, Alessandra Curzi, Marco Cinaglia (from left to right)
Roland Marco Cinagliai and Sergio Scappini Roland artist Mario Roland Alessandra Curzi and
The Paolo Soprani /Scandalli "artist-family" Veronic Todorov, Alberto della Neve. Gianluca Bibiani (Strumenti e Musica) Antonio Spaccarotella, Mirco Patarini, Elisa Lv from China, Selly Menghini
Antonio Spaccarotella
Veronica Todorov
Antonio Spaccarotella
The Titlbach Family Harmonikas

Massimo Tagliata Victoria Collaborator and Riccardo Breccia

Yuri Fedorov, Holda, Roman Jbanov
Antonio Spacarotella with music collegue Alberto della Neve on the sax
Kaerntnerland Tiziano Chiapello with Holda Alberto della Neve and Selly Menghini

...some great moments from the
Musikmesse in Frankfurt 24-27th of March 2010

...if you want to be there next year
... than mark this date:

6 - 9 April 2011
...and as always - wonderful having you met and exchanged some words with you
...but should we by any chance - not have done so
...there will be for sure time to do so next year.
In the meantime continue to:

"Make Music - Play Music - Love Music"