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Past festivals
2006 Festival

A new International Accordion Competition called Primus Ikaalinen will be held at Sata-Häme Soi accordion festival in Ikaalinen Finland 1.7.2005. The genre of the competition is varietee/entertainment music.

Primus Ikaalinen is part of the week-long Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival. This gives the contestants the possibility to enjoy the festival program outside the competition. The festival program will include a large variety of accordion music, with different styles and versatile artists from both Finland and abroad. The contestants will have a free admission to all the festival events and concerts.

Seven finalists have been chosen. They are:
  • Nemanja Drazic (20), Serbia
  • Petra Hofer (24), Switzerland
  • Paul Chamberlain (23), Great Britain (Scotland)
  • Alexander Shirunov (20), Russia
  • Mickaël Vigneau (20), France
  • Jean Ribeiro (20), Portugal
  • Idoia Laburu (20), Spain

The Finnish contestant in Primus Ikaalinen will be the winner of The Golden Accordion 2005.

 (The Golden Accordion competition will be held at Sata-Häme Soi accordion festival in Ikaalinen Finland two days earlier than Primus Ikaalinen.)

These young musicians are very skilled and together they are going to make the competition an event that represents exceptionally large amount of nationalities.

Primus Ikaalinen competition will be televised live on Finland’s National TV Channel TV2. The contestants will perform their pieces accompanied by a band to a capacity audience. The competition is going to be very exciting for the audience also because on the basis of the 1st round half of the contestants gets to the second round. At the final there will be two finalists at a ”duel”. Of these two the chairman of the jury Richard Galliano will select the winner of the first Primus Ikaalinen.

The finalists

Nemanja Drazic from Serbia is 20 years old. He studies at the Kragujevac. In his repertoire lot of music from Balkan on Drazic’s repertoire.

Petra Hofer from Switzerland is 24 years old. She is a teacher in the accordion school of Peter Frey in Reinach. Hofer is going to play  French style music.

Paul Chamberlain from Great Britain Scotland is 23 years old. He is a musician who brings a strong national colour to the competition. His Scottish pieces will be very interesting.

Alexander Shirunov from Russia comes from Moscow but he studies in St. Petersburg with Aleksandr Dimitriev. Shirunov is a deverse musician. At the competition he will play for example Hommagé á Piazzolla from Vladimir Zubitsky.

Mickaël Vigneau from France is 20 years old. He is a charismatic performer who loves to entertain the audience. Vigneau represents French accordion varietee at its best.

Jean Ribeiro from Portugal is 20 years old. He studies at the moment in France as a student of  Frederic Deschamps. Ribeiro is restrained and pleasing person who brings his personal colour to the competition.

Idoia Laburu from Spain is 20 years old. She comes from Basque where the tradition of palying accordion is long and distinctive. Their own Basque music is very interesting and Laburu plays it for us in the competition.

Festival Competition Organizer: Minna Kulmala, minna.kulmala@satahamesoi.fi

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