As the Sata-Häme Soi Festival celebrates its 40th year, we invite you to enjoy a few pictures and items from previous Festivals.
Kimmo Mattila, a 15 year old student competed in, and won his age category for Finnish Folk Music at the
first SHS Festival in 1972. Kimmo went on to become the Artistic Director of the Festival in addition to serving as
President of the Finnish Accordion Association, Director of the Finnish Accordion Institute
and Secretary General of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonists (CIA) IMC-UNESCO.
Kimmo receiving his award from Matti Rantanen, who went on to chair the accordion program at the
renowned Sibelius Academy in Helsinki
Kimmo was the winner of that category also in 1973 and 1974.
Folk Musicians Performing at the early festivals
Reijo Jokiniemi, Tapio Tuomisto and Reino Kasittula. They all are original members of "Ikaalisten Harmonikkamiehet" accordion group. The young girl is Johanna Eränen, daughter of festival founder Heikki and Tuula Eränen.
Brothers Matti and Ele Huhtasalo. The Huhtasalo family have been an important part of the folk
musicians life in Ikaaline for many generations.
Above left: At the Rahkola are Antti Kauppila (violin), Jukka Saine (accordion) and Veikko Suvilampi (bass)
Above right: Ikaalisten Harmonikkamiehet

Kimmo Mattila at the 10th Anniversary Festival
Kimmo Mattila as Festival Director
Festival Program in 1988
Queen Ida at the SHS Festival in 1988
Tex Mex accordionist Flaco Jimenez in 1990
The legendary 'Astor Piazzolla' performing with the Mantova String Quartet at Sata-Häme Soi in 1990
Above left: Severino (Sivuca) Dias de Oliveira (Brazil) renowned in Scandinavia for his Jazz talents in 1992
Above right: Osvaldo Pugliese (Argentina) - Tango Musician in Ikaalinen in 1989
As a Dutch orchestra with a long history, the A. Malando Orchestra appeared in 1984, 1909 and 1992. Once nominated as the best light music orchestra in the world, the conductor Danny Malando is the third-generation leader of the Orchestra, who is known to the world for his combination of light music, dances and songs. Henny Langeveld, the 1966 CIA Coupe Mondiale winner is pictured third from right.
Large crowds gathered in 1994
Lasse Pihlajamaa and Sharon Shannon in 1996
Guests have included Richard Galliano and Juan Mosalini
Guest artists Federic Deschamps, Jerome Richard and Frederic Baldo in 1999
Kimmo Pohjonen at SHS in 2000
Above and below: Some of the Festival Programs from over the years
Above and below: Some of the Festival Programs from over the years

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