Archived videos are further down the page including:
- Grayson Masefield Concert at Oma Tupa
- 40th Anniversary Concert

Ikaalinen Day
09.30 Ikaalinen Day Programme in the Festival Park
11.00 Religious folk songs at the Ikaalinen Church
12.30 Coffee at Rahkola (Rahkolankuja Street), organised by the Ikaalinen Town together with Tevaniemi Village Association and Ikaalinen Association.

Free entry

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Closing Ceremony of the 40th Anniversary Festival - 2012
Moods from the festival week. The performers include Finnish and
foreign artists and the various competition winners.

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen
Free entry

         Grayson Masefield Concert at Oma Tupa
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

          40th Anniversary Concert
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV
International Guests and visitors gathered for the Closing Ceremony of the 40th SHS Festival. Featuring national and overseas artists, the Closing Ceremony attracted hundreds of people, who gathered to celebrate the wonderful anniversary festival.
Ikaalinen Nuoriso-orkesteri INO (Youth Orchestra of Ikaalinen) and Blasorchester Jung St. Marien
from Austria in their joint concert, conducted by Antti Nissilä
MC Kimmo Mattila welcoming everyone to the Closing Ceremony
Matti Äijö (Chairman of the Board of Ikaalinen)
Grayson Masefield performing at the Closing Ceremony
Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador) making a speech on behalf of the CIA,
translated by form SHS Festival Director Minna Kulmala
Kimmo Mattila presenting Kevin Friedrich with an item for his Dargaville (New Zealand) Museum Collection. T
his accordion score card has been an integral and unique part of the Golden and Silver Accordion and Primus Ikaalinen Competitions since their beginnings.
Henriikka Santamaa, Ulvila - Winner of the Golden Accordion Competition 2012

Juhani Hakala and Ulla Majuri (Festival Director) with the recipients of the Plaquetti Awards for service to the Festival.

Marjo ja Hannu Haapala: They have been many years ticket sellers at Sata-Häme Soi festival. The couple is very friendly and helpful and therefore very good pr for the festiva.

Pasi Sippola: Pasi Sippola has solved many construction related problems at Sata-Häme Soi. He is doing his job conscientiously and he is very calm in even tight situations.

Airi Hautamäki: (not pictured) Airi Hautamäki is well known and valued player and teacher of diatonic accordion. She does very important job moving the knowledge and heritage to next generations. Airi is the conductor of "Alavuden Kaksiriviset" (diatonic accordion group from Alavus) and has brought the group to Sata-Häme Soi festival since many years. Alavuden Kaksiriviset is one of the oldest Finnish diatonic accordion groups in Finland, established in 1986.

Ikaalisten Nuoriso-orkesteri: The Ikaalinen Youth Orchestra is already a concept in the music culture of children and youth in Finland. The orchestra has been given the Culture Award of Finland. This orchestra works in co-operation between the school, community academy, music academy and the supporting association of INO. Currently there are 100 players in 4 different orchestras. The orchestra is open to everybody who wants without any entrance exams. INO has been playing at Sata-Häme Soi Festival since many years.

Milla Pietilä: One of the most important partners is Tourist Office of Ikaalinen. Milla Pietilä has been working long time as sales assistant. She is known for a strong knowledge of travel industry and always so friendly custom service. Thanks for Milla, many tourists and festival guests return to Ikaalinen again and again.

Kalle Mäkelä (Ikaalinen Mayor), Minna Kulmala (Former Festival Director and Translator), Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador),
Matti Äijö (Chairman of the Board of Ikaalinen), Juhani Hakala and Ulla Majuri (Festival Director)
Above and below: the Closing Ceremony of the 40th Anniversary SHS Festival
Grayson Masefield (International Guest artis), Kalle Mäkelä (Ikaalinen Mayor),
Matti Äijö (Chairman of the Board of Ikaalinen), Juhani Hakala and Ulla Majuri (Festival Director)
Ulla Majuri (Festival Director), Heikki and Tuula Eränen (Festival Founder),
Terhi Palonen, Minna Kulmala and Sirpa Sippoloa (the three most recent SHS Festival Directors)
Above left: Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador) and Kalle Mäkelä (Ikaalinen Mayor)
Above right: Ulla Majuri (Festival Director), Heikki and Tuula Eränen (Festival Founder), Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director)
Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador), Ulla Majuri (Festival Director), Heikki and Tuula Eränen (Festival Founder),
Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director) and Kalle Mäkelä (Ikaalinen Mayor)
Aino Ojakoski (Festival Organizing team), Minna Plihtari (Festival Public Relations Manager),
Ulla Majuri (Festival Director) and Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director)
taking the traditional 'Celebration Leap' at the conclusion of the festival.
Coming back to earth
Back on land again!

At the conclusion of the Festival, organizers and staff gather at the Accordion House to pop open the celebration Champagne.
Here the cork is captured flying through the air as Kimmo Mattila opens the bottle!
Staff and guests on the balcony of the Accordion House at the conclusion of the festival
Ulla Majuri (Festival Director) welcoming guests the celebration dinner and party at Oma Tupa
Above left: Brass Quartet from the visiting Austrian Youth Orchestra
Above right:
Kaisa Kujanpää
Aino Ojakoski and Kaisa Kujanpää performing for festival guests
Some of the junior staff take delight in having some fun with the Festival organizing staff.
This year, each of the directors was crowned
Above and Below: The management team adapts to their newly crowned status!
Pictured left to right: Leena Heikkilä,
Ulla Majuri, Minna Plihtari, Kimmo Mattila and Sari Rytkölä
After performing the Maori Haka, Grayson Masefield delighted the guests with a couple of his Entertainment pieces.

Pictures of people and happenings from around Ikaalinen.
On the now emtpy streets of Ikaalinen, Grayson Masefield makes his way to Oma Tupa

  Ikaalinen invites you to attend the
41st Anniversary
Sata-Häme Soi
International Accordion Festival
2 - 7 July, 2013

See you next year! All Welcome!

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