Archived videos are further down the page including:
- The Final Countdown to Primus Ikaalinen VIII
- A Day off for the Competitors of Primus Ikaalinen
- A Rocking Night in Festival Park
- A visit to the Ikaalinen Accordion Museum

10.00 - 18.00
The Accordion Fair

Venue: Ikaalinen Business College
Free entry

11:45 - 18.00 Music in the Park and the Pub Tent
Various Performers
17.00 Blasorchester Jung St. Marien, Austria

Venue: Festival Park
Free entry

12.00 - 17.00
see below
Children’s Festival
Pippi Longstocking, Doll Maddalena and Lord Nissiläinen play and entertain children, and childlike. Fun things to do for the whole family. Performances at 13.00 - Midday Party and 16.00 - Afternoon rejoicing.
Music, crafts and activities. 14.00 - 15.00 Mr. Nissiläinen’s accordion workshop where you can try playing an accordion.

Venue: The Old Rectory Garden
Free entry

see below
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
The Primus Ikaalinen and the Coupe Mondiale 2009 Winner's solo concert. In cooperation with Accordions Worldswide (AWW).
Venue: Oma Tupa
Tickets: Adult 20€ / 10€

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The 40th Anniversary Concert of Sata-Häme Soi
The highlights from the decades, from the 1970's nostalgia to 2010's young talented musicians. Ikaalinen folk accordionists play together with Vesa-Matti Tastula. Host: Mikko Alatalo. The ticket price includes a copy of the double-CD "The best of the Ikaalinen Accordionists and Fiddlers"

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall
Tickets: 40€ / 10€

19.00 Gospel Covertajat
Classics of Finnish Gospel music and pearls of spiritual youth music.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall
Program 40€ / 10€

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The Jämi Fly In
The Jämi Fly In Air Show greets Ikaalinen over the Lake Kyrösjärvi.

Venue: Viewing at the baseball stadium
Free admission

22.00 - 02.00
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Evening of Music and Dance in the Park
An Evening of Celebration in the Park, Dance music for having fun.
Ikaalinen Men's Accordion group, and Jämijärvi Folk Musicians.
At 23.00 hrs: All Accordionists join to celebrate!
Tickets €15/ €5, Free entry for those joining the Group play!

The great ensemble starts at 21.30.
Ensemble pieces:
Valkea Ruusu (Gm), Kultainen nuoruus (C), Kulkurin valssi (D),
Tulipunaruusut (Cm), Heili Karjalasta (Cm), Tavallinen tyttö (Em),
Väliaikainen (Dm), Karjalan polkka (G).
Area Ticket 15€ / 5€
Free entry if you bring your accordion to play with the others at 23:00!

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Munich Groove Connection, Germany
This dazzling quintet moves from one music style to another smoothly with long jazz improvisations. The musicians come from Bulgaria, Georgia and Moldova, and do not try to hide their musical roots from each respective country.

Venue: Oma Tupa
Tickets: 30€

         The Final Countdown to Primus Ikaalinen VIII
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

          A Day off for the Competitors of Primus Ikaalinen
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

         A Rocking Night in Festival Park
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

          A visit to the Ikaalinen Accordion Museum
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

Dozens of children and their families gathered to enjoy the afternoon of interactive entertainment with popular character Pippy Longstocking and her friends.
Pippi Longstocking, Doll Maddalena and Lord Nissiläinen (accordion)
Above left: Lord Nissiläinen (accordion)
Above right: face painting for the kids
Doll Maddalena, Pippi Longstocking and Lord Nissiläinen (accordion)

Note: See below for Video of Concert

New Zealand is just about as far away as you can get on this planet from Finland, however Sata-Häme Soi and the New Zealand Accordion Association and New Zealand musicians have been in cooperation for over 10 years.

Grayson Masefield, 24, from Auckland, New Zealand is considered among the top accordionists of the new generation. He won the International Coupe Mondiale competition in 2009 in both the Classical and the Virtuoso Entertainment categories. He was also the first prize winner in the Primus Ikaalinen competition of 2010. He has also enjoyed many successes in numerous other International competitions and festivals around the world.

Grayson Masefield studies in France, tours regularly in Europe and the countries around the Pacific. He is a versatile musician, whose family have been central figures in the New Zealand accordion music culture for generations. His Grandfather, the late Allan Jones was considered the 'father' of the accordion movement in New Zealand. His mother Heather Masefield plays and teachers accordion, as do his two uncles, Harley and Maurice Jones, well known figures in the accordion world. His father also played accordion for many years in the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra, and to round of the family accordion connections, his sister Amber is also an active accordionist, and currently serves as the Treasurer of the New Zealand Accordion Association.
Grayson's magnificent concert at Oma Tupa contained a versatile mix of the most important accordion music as well as transcriptions spanning from Bach's majestic Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, to new contemporary works by Finnish composer Petri Makkonen and Gorka Hermosa from Spain.

Accordions Worldwide Inc. sponsored Grayson's concert at the Sata-Häme Soi Festival this year in honor and celebrating of the festival's 40th Anniversary.

Grayson's program was as follows:

  • J. S. Bach - Passacaglia and Fugue
  • D. Scarlatti - Sonata in A Major
  • W. A. Mozart - Variations on 'Ah! vous dirai-je, Maman'
  • F. Chopin - Etude Op. 10, No. 12 'Revolutionary'
  • G. Hermosa - Fragilissimo
  • F. Angelis - Hommaga a Paco
  • P. Makkonen - Tango-Toccata
  • G. Hermosa - Ka mate
Grayson Masefield in Concert
Above right: Grayson performing Ka mate, which calls for him to perform the traditional Maori Haka
Grayson Masefield at the conclusion of his concert at Oma Tupa

         Grayson Masefield Concert at Oma Tupa
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

Note: See below for Video of Concert
The small town of Ikaalinen was full of people in June 1972, when the music festival was arranged for the first time. During the 40 years there have been millions of music notes, hundreds of thousands of listeners, thousands of performers and hundreds of concerts.

Although there has been a great amount of international flavor, and many world class performers have been heard, the local roots of the folk music have always been treasured.

This was heard at the 40th anniversary concert, where the program contained a snap shot of music from throughout the four decades of the festival.

The concert's finale included the Ikaalinen folk musicians playing together.
40th Anniversary Concert MC - Mikko Alatalo
Kalle Makkonen (8), Jyväskylä - Winner of the Silver Accordion Competition 2012
Above and Below: Ikaalinen Folk Music Orchestra
Ikaalinen Folk Music Orchestra
Above and below: Kaisa Kujanpää (piano) Kimmo Mattila (accordion), Antti Nissilä (vocalist),
Aino Ojakoski (viola) and Mandi Nissilä (cello), performing Lasse Pihlajamaa: Muistojen harmonikka
Leif Ottosson (accordion) Duo from Sweden
Above left: Duo Hurmio: Anna-Elisa Hannula (vocals) Henna Tahvanainen (accordion)
. Above right: Lelo Nika
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand) performing Finnish composer Petri Makkonen's - Tango-Toccata
Kokkola Junior Accordion Orchestra, conducted by Raimo Vertainen
Jammi Humalamäki (accordion) and Mikko Alatalo (guitar)
Munich Groove Connection - Konstantin Kostov (piano), Giorgi Makhoshvili (bass),
Luciana Beleaeva (violin), Nevyan Lenkov (percussion) and
Vladislav Cojocaru (accordion)
Kaisa Kujanpää (accordion and vocals)
Ikaalinen Folk Musicians Group

          40th Anniversary Concert
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

The Jämi Fly In Air Show was unfortunately cancelled to to the bad weather and low visibility.

An Evening of Celebration in the Park featuring Dance music and the Ikaalinen Men's Accordion group, and Jämijärvi Folk Musicians as well as the Festival Orchestra play along performing popular Finnish folk pieces:

Kulkurin valssi
Karjalan poikia
Heili Karjalasta
Tavallinen tyttö
Valkea Ruusu


Above and Below: Festival Park

We will hear what a group sounds like, when the members from Moldova, Georgia and Bulgaria combine their own home countries' music styles of the classical treasure chests with their dazzling skill.

Violinist Luciana Beleaeva plays with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Accordionist Vladislav Cojocaru plays in many different groups specialized in east European music styles. Bass player Giorgi Makhoshvili has won a national jazz prize in his native Georgia. He then moved to Germany and plays in many different groups. Pianist Konstantin Kostov has graduated from the Music University of Sofia, specialized in jazz and composition, and has continued his career with great success in Munich.
The quintet's personal sound and rhythmic energy is complete with the percussions by Nevyan Lenkov.
The Munich Groove Connection is impossible to place in any music style. They play familiar classic hits in a new style and jazz improvisations, with skill and dazzle.
The group received an invitation to Ikaalinen as a special prize in St. Petersburg at the International Terem Crossover Competition in April 2012.
Konstantin Kostov (piano), Vladislav Cojocaru (accordion),Luciana Beleaeva (violin),
Giorgi Makhoshvili (bass) and
Nevyan Lenkov (percussion)

Pictures of the beautiful sights from around Ikaalinen.
The spectacular rising of the Sun at 2:30 am

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