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Pre Sata-Häme Soi Rehearsals and Activities
arrival of guests, International competitors and Jury, Venue setup and Rehearsals

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"To the Memory of My Mother"
A musical moment at Lasse Pihlajamaa's Monument in honor of his Mother 'Hilma'
, near his place of birth in Jämijärvi.

Venue: Jämijärventie Road 650
Free entrance

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Folk Accordionists at the Arena
A fast-paced folk music parade at the Jämi Arena. Finnish musicians and international visitors perform.

Venue: Jämi Areena, Lasse Pihlajamaa Hall,
Jämintie 659, Jämijärvi
20€, 10€ 

Sata-Häme Soi Festival is known for the Golden and Silver accordion competitions and the International Primus Ikaalinen Competition.
However, it is a lot more. It is an international music festival arranged in Ikaalinen for the 40th time already. During the first week of July, the idyllic, beautiful old town of Ikaalinen transforms into a metropolis of music. The moods change from the smoky jazz club into the heated beat of the Argentine tango, and from the high standard international performances into the fantastic joint celebration performance of accordions on Saturday night.
The heart of the festival is the Festival Park, where there is music from morning till night. Both amateur and professional musicians take the stage, as well the young as the old. In addition to the park and competitions, the Ikaalinen Hall, the Oma Tupa, and the Ikaalinen Church are important venues.
As the new Festival Director I look forward to my first summer in Ikaalinen with keen and curious mind. I will get to know a new kind of music world and festival visitors, as well as staff and volunteers who with their input make this festival a success.
Welcome, you seasoned festival visitors, who faithfully make your way to Ikaalinen year after year. An especially warm welcome to all first time visitors, who have no previous experience of the atmosphere and the superb performances of the Sata-Häme Soi Festival.
Welcome! See you in Ikaalinen!
Ulla Majuri - Festival Director

          2012 Sata-Häme Soi Festival promotional video
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

Special 2 hour video shown live June 29 on the Deschamps Channel devoted entirely to the 2012 edition of the famous Primus Ikaalinen. Co-hosted by Frederic Deschamps and Kimmo Mattila, Artistic Director of the Sata-Häme Soi Festival.
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

July 3rd Broadcast from Ikaalinen containing Contestants, Festival Director, Jury, Ikaalinen History and more!
Video directed by Mike Rossi for the Web TV

As the final countdown for the 40th Sata-Häme Soi Festival took place, International guests including contestants, artists, jury members and local and foreign visitors began to arrive in Ikaalinen.
Contestants in the Annual Golden Accordion Competition began rehearsals on July 2nd for the gala competition which is an intergral part of the Sata-Häme Soi Festival. Each of the Golden Accordion Competition finalists rehearsed with Jari Puhakka and his band. The band members are: Jari Puhakka (conductor-piano), Jarmo Nikku (guitar), Seppo Helin (keyboard), Risto Salmi (wood winds), Jari Heino (bass) and Miri Miettinen (drums).
As the team began arriving for the Primus Ikaalinen International Competition, the festival organizers hosted a Welcome Brunch so that everyone could meet their fellow contestants, Jury and team hosts, before they got down to the business of rehearsing in prepartion for the 8th edition of this live broadcast competition.
Above: Primus Ikaalinen co-host Mari Turunen, contestant Tan jia Liang (China), President of the Jury Kevin Friedrich (USA),
contestant Shamgar Tolkynhan (Kazakshtan) and co-host Kimmo Mattila at a Press Conference
Below: the subsequent Newspaper article that follwed
Above and Below: Ikaalinen Hall as it undergoes its transformation into the spectacular venue for the concerts/competitions
Jari Puhakka (conductor-piano), Jarmo Nikku (guitar), Miri Miettinen (drums), Jari Heino (bass), Risto Salmi (woodwind)
and Seppo Helin (keyboard) rehearsing with Golden Accordion contestant
Tarvo Kantola from Nivala (16 years)
Above left: Tarvo Kantola from Nivala (16 years)
Above right:
Jari Saarenpää, Kalajoki (23 years)
Above left: Henriikka Santamaa, Ulvila (23 years) making the draw for the final round of the Rehearsal Show
Above right: Co-hosts of the Competition/Show Kimmo Mattila and Mari Turunen.
Kimmo Mattila welcomes the contestants and Jury to the 8th Primus Ikaalinen Competition
Above left: Frederic Deschamps collecting contact information from the Primus Ikaalinen contestatns
so he can coordinate the Live streaming Internet broadcasts
Above right:
Minna Plihtari (Festival Public Relations Manager) photographs the Primus contestants
Primus Ikaalinen Contestants
China: Tan jia Liang,
Germany: Radu Laxgang, France: Elsa Gourdy, Moldova: Dorin Grama,
Russia: Utkina Ekaterina, ,
Kazakshtan: Shamgar Tolkynhan and absent: Lithuania: Martinas Levickis
Finland's contestant will be the winner of their Golden Accordion Comeptition
Above left: Ulla Majuri (Festival Director) and Minna Plihtari (Festival Public Relations Manager)
Above right: Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director) with Ulla and Minna
Above left: Mike Rossi talking to the team about the Live Streaming Internet broadcast
Above right: The stage begins to take place with the addition of the extensive lighting
Above and Below: Frederic Deschamps working with Primus Ikaalinen contestant Elsa Gourdy (France)

 The first official function of the 40th Annual Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival was a folk concert and gathering at Lasse Pihlajamaa's monument "In the Memory of My Mother" on the outskirts of Jämijärvi, some 20 km from Ikaalinen. This beautiful monument is located at the approximate site where the late Lasse Pihlajamaa's boyhood home once stood.
The Grand Old Man of Finnish accordion music, Lasse Pihlajamaa (1916-2007), served for more than 30 years as an important musical guide at the Sata-Häme Soi Festival. Born in Jämijärvi, he returned there in the early 1970's for the first time since his childhood, due to the Sata-Häme Soi Festival.
Recalling an often difficult childhood during the 1920's, as well as the profound respect he had for his widowed mother "Hilma", Lasse worked for many years planning this monument as an ongoing tribute to the special place she had in his heart, as well as all the mothers who have raised families under difficult circumstances.

Lasse donated the monument and the land it stands on to the Jämijärvi municipality. In addition to the monument, Lasse Pihlajamaa also composed a work "Muisto Aidille" in memory of his mother, an artistic manuscript of which is housed inside the monument.
As a sign of the tremendous respect given to this Finnish icon of the accordion world, a large gathering of people formed around the monument where official greetings were extended to attendees, followed by performances by the local Folk Musicians Accordion Orchestra,
and Tuulikki Lounaskorpi, a relative of the late Lasse Lasse Pihlajamaa.
The Monument opened in 1975, and festival Founder Heikki Eränen has recounted that on June 5, 1975 when the day of the opening, it was actually snowing and it was so cold that Lasse Pihlajamaa couldn't play outdoors!

Since then, the gathering at the Monument has become the traditional opening of the Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival.
"Muisto Aidille" in memory of Lasse Pihlajamaa's Mother
Jämijärven Pelimannit Folk Music Accordion Group
Above and Below: The large crowd gathered at the Monument in memory of Lasse Pihlajamaa's Mother
Above left: Heikki and Tuula Eränen (festival Founder) with Festival Manager Ulla Majuri and Minna Plihtari (Press)
Above right: Heikki and Tuula Eränen
Above Left: Pilvi Huhta, Silver Accordion Finalist
Above right: Tuulikki Lounaskorpi (Relative of the late Lasse
Lasse Pihlajamaa)
Kevin Friedrich (Accordions Worldwide), Ulla Majuri (Festival Manager), Heikki and Tuula Eränen (Festival Founder)
and Kimmo Mattila (FestivaL Artistic Director)


Another tradition on the evening prior to the official opening of the festival, this annual concert at the
Jämi Arena featured an array of lively Accordion music and Folk Music from the region, together with invited foreign guest performers. Pictured below are some of the performers on the Concert:
Jämijärvi Folk Music Group Opening the Concert
Above left: Tan Jia Liang from China (Primus Ikaalinen 2012)
Above right: Pilvi Huhta (Silver Accordion)
Above left: Elsa Gourdy (France - Primus Ikaalinen 2012)
Above right: Newspaper reporter speaking with
Tan Jia Liang and translation assistance by Grayson Masefield
The Capacity audience at the Jami Arena

Pictures from around Ikaalinen.
Above and below: on the grounds of the beautiful Ikaalinen Spa Hotel
Midnight view of Lake Kyrösjärvi, Finland's 49th largest lake (96.2 square km)

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