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Watch the Golden Accordion TV Show
Watch the 2008 Primus Ikaalinen TV Show

 Program - Thursday, 26 June 2008
Accordion Fair

Venue: Commercial College - Tickets: Free Entrance

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The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship
The Five Row Accordion Competition. Under 12 yrs, 15 yrs, 18 yrs, open and Veterans (over 50 yrs)

Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult 10 € / Pensioner & Student 8 € / Child 5 € 

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Music in the Park
Accordion groups and soloists take the stage. 16.00 Children's Folklore group Maguracik from Slovakia

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen - Tickets: Free Entrance
Accordion Pub Tent
Accordion groups and solo entertainers, Host: Jukka Laihiala, dance music by various Finnish Accordionists, until midnight.

Venue: Yellow School
- Tickets: Free Entrance

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The Pub Tent
18.00 Trio Halogeeni
20.00 Ikaalisten Viulupelimannit
22.30 Veli-Matti Järvenpää Tex-Mex Band

Venue: Yellow School - Area Ticket 6€ / Park Pass Thu-Sat 20€ / Family Ticket Thu 20€

17.00 The White Rose Concert (1st Show)
Paula Koivuniemi and Jorma Kääriäinen sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 30€ / Pensioner & Student 25 € / Child 15€

20.00 The White Rose Concert (2nd Show)
Paula Koivuniemi and Jorma Kääriäinen sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra. TV2 recording.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 30€ / Pensioner & Student 25 € / Child 15€

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Mika Väyrynen Solo Concert
the Finnish Premiere of A. Kusjakov's Sonata No. 7 dedicated to Mika.

Venue: Ikaalinen Church - Tickets: 10€

21.00-01.00 Summer Dance in the Festival Park
Park atmosphere,
Golden Accordion winner 2007 Sami Hopponen, Susanna Heikki and Karavaani Band.

Venue: Festival Park - Area Ticket 6€ / Park Pass Thu-Sat 20€ / Family Ticket Thu 20€

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Renzo Ruggieri & Mauro de Federicis
Accordion and Guitar duo

Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult 15 € / Pensioner&Student 12 € / Child 8 €
 Welcome Breakfast for the Primus Ikaalinen Participants
Musical Director Kimmo Mattila welcoming the Primus Ikaalinen candidates, international jury and guests
Festival Director Sirpa Sippola
Guests at the Welcome breakfast
Guests at the Welcome Breakfast
Guests: Raymond Bodell, Harley Jones, Viatcheslav Semionov
 The Finnish Accordion Folk Music Championship
Some of the contestants in the 5 row competition included:
Jonna Suihkola (15 years and under)
Julia Heino (15 years and under)
Eeva Paltta (15 years and under)
Katri Rantanen (15 years and under)
Juuso Vesterinen (15 years and under)
Taneli Järvenpää (15 years and under)

The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championships 2008 were held in the five row division at Sata-Häme Soi Accordion festival on Thursday, June 26th, 2007. In every category, competitors played two traditional Finnish accordion pieces.

The Jury was delighted by the number of the competitors, which has increased in comparison to last year. What the jury was also impressed by were the outstanding level of the 1st category, and the versatile program in all the categories.

Many of the competitors played some lesser known melodies, which definitely spiced up the show. The jury hopes to see more of these bold choices in the future.

The Jury chairman was Markku Lepistö and the other members included Pasi Hirvonen, Riitta Kossi, and Juha Virtanen. The Master of Ceremonies of the competition was the vice chairman of Finnish Accordion Association, Seppo Lankinen.

The results of the five row accordion competition were as follows:

Category I, under 12 years
1. Joni Stein, Haapajärvi 174 points
2. Anton Lehtonen, Eura 165,5 p
3. Essi Elomäki, Pori 165 p

Category II, under 15 years
1. Timo Hautamäki, Pori 190 p
2. Jonna Suihkola, Kiiskilampi, 189 p
3. Juuso Vesterinen, Saimaanharju 176 p

Category III, under 18 years
1. Mari Laskujärvi, Vilppula 169 p
2. Kalle Kämäräinen, Jyväskylä 152 p
3. Joose Ojala, Koria 148 p

Category IV, Open
1. Jussi Marttinen, Vanhamäki 171 p
2. Jari Saarenpää, Himanka 158 p
3. Pekka Jolkkonen, Joensuu 153 p

Veterans (50 years and over)
1. Seppo Heikkilä, Jurva 164 p
2. Mauno Kuusisto, Kauhajoki 140
3. Kari Lähdeluoma, Kyrönlatva 118 p

Above and below: Pictures from the Folk Competition Prize Presentation
photos by Press Manager - Minna Plihtari
Winners pictured left to right: Timo Hautamäki (under 15 yrs), Marilaskujärvi (under 18 yrs), Jussi Marttinen (open),
Joni Stein (under 12 yrs), Seppo Heikkilä (vetrans over 50 yrs)
photo by Press Manager - Minna Plihtari
 An afternoon in Ikaalinen, at Festival Park and at the Pub Tent
Raymond Bodell, Tony Davies-Jones, Harley Jones and Alan Whiteland outside the beautiful Ikaalinen Church
left: Alan Whiteland (host) and past Festival Director Minna Kulmala.
Right and below: some of the many news articles featuring the festival.
Finnish Accordion Orchestra entertaining at Festival Park
Dancing the afternoon away at Festival Park under the beautiful sunny summer skies, to the music of Seppo Soittila.
Concert attendees enjoying the spectacular Finnish summer weather and beautiful accordion music at Festival Park
Finnish Accordion Orchestra at Festival Park
Enjoying the music and afternoon sun at the Festival Park are guests International guests Kevin Friedrich (USA), Harley Jones (Fiji), Alan Whiteland (host), Tony Davies-Jones (New Zealand) and Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom).
Juha Virtanen (accordion) and the Trio Halogeeni performing at the Pub Tent
Preliminary Rehearsal for the Primus Ikaalinen
Some of the contestants in the Primus Ikaalinen International Accordion Competition, to be televised live on Friday evening, are pictured as they begin preliminary rehearsals with Jari Puhakka with his orchestra.
 Mika Väyrynen Concert
Concert artist Mika Väyrynen performing in the Ikaalinen Church.
  • J.S. Bach (1685-1750) arr. F. Busoni/M. Väyrynen: Chaconne in d
  • Y. Takahashi (b1938): Like a Water Buffalo
  • D. Scarlatti (1685-1757): Sonata in b
  • F. Couperin (1668-1733): Les Rozeaux (Ruokoja)
  • D. Scarlatti (1685-1757): Sonata in F
  • A. Scriabin (1872-1915): Neljä Preludia op.11
  • A. Kuzjakov (1945-2007): Sonata No. 7 - "Misterium" (written in 2006/2007)
Left: Davide Fabrizi, the director of Strumenti & Musica Magazine published in Italy, which did an in depth interview with Mika in the last issue. Right: Mika with his wife Johanna and composer and performer Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia).
 Renzo Ruggieri & Mauro de Federicis
Renzo Ruggieri (accordion) & Mauro de Federicis (photo by Harley Jones)
 Made in Finland - Featuring a Diverse Spectrum of Finnish Accordionists at the 2008 Festival
2008 Silver Accordion Champion - Viljami Morander
Heikki Eränen - Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival Founder and 2007 Golden Accordion Champion Sami Hopponen
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