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An avid composer, Don Grzanna has published over 170 original accordion and piano compositions. His accordion compositions come in various styles and degrees of difficulty, making them suitable for all levels of accordionists.

In addition, Don has also a large selection of Jazz Songs and Piano Melodies for Accordion Solo, Piano Solo (both are available for $5.00 per piece) and Lead Sheet Form ($3.00 each.) To request a full catalogue of Solo, Jazz and Ensemble works or for a sample of Accordion Solo composition titles by Don Grzanna,
please see the Accordion Solo section.
Don holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Acccordion Performance from the Rizzo School of Music in Chicago, and a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Master of Music Education, both from Roosevelt University Musical College in Music in Chicago.
Another passion of Don Grzanna is his concert career. A sought after entertainer, Don performs with the Don Grzanna Band, as a solo accordionist (Midi and acoustic) and as a pianist. Performing many styles of music, German music is his specialty, (including Polka Band) with many of his beautiful performances being recorded.

He also plays a full program of French, Italian and Irish Music and has the Calliope sound for Circus Music. He has peformed in most of the leading restaurants in the Milwaukee area either as an Ethnic Band or a Standard Band or Keyboard Jazz Band with Vocals.

In addition, Don will have his accordion music played in a new Latino TV show out of Los Angeles called "Rosarito" which uses the Southern Bird Dance, and in the upcoming movie called "Devils Cello" uses By the Fireside and Latin Nights. You will also find his music played in the movie "It Is What It Is" which uses "Havin' Fun" and "Romantic Waltz." The movie National Lampoon Dorm Don featured his song "Santa's Cheer" and Northwest Airlines featured several of his songs on their flights. In addition, Don will have his "Old Paris" from his "Around the World" CD, in a new film called "Rebound", while his "Italian Waltz" is being used in advertising in the United Kingdom.

Don, who is the recipient of the ASCAP Award in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, is available as both an accordionist and pianist to entertain for parties, weddings, picnics, clubs as well as for background music at dinner functions. Please e-mail Don at: for further information. You can see 57 videos of Don's music on

Having a musical family, Don's daughter Suzanne Grzanna is a saxophonist and vocalist who performs the 40's style jazzy lounge music. Currently, Suzanne has one CD out titled "The Cat's Meow" and her new CD titled "Fly Me to the Moon" will be out this winter. Don invites you to visit her website at:


my new polkas New Release: My New Polkas - CD
performed by Don Grzanna

Peter's Polka, Golden Days Waltz, Rudolph's Polka, Redbird Polka, Swiss Waltz, Octoberfest Polka, Bluebird Polka, Packard Avenue Polka, George's Polka, Switzerland Polka with variations, Bavarian Polka with variations.
Accordion Vienna - CD
Midi Accordion performed by Don Grzanna

Vienna Life, Muse Den, Blue Danube, Lindenau Polka, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Bella Bocca Polka, German Folk Songs, Maureen's Polka*, Roses from the South, Rain Rain Polka, Sherwood Lane Waltz*, Southern Bird Dance, Alpine Villa Waltz*, Piaaicato Polka, Gia Nina Mia, You are the Dream Polka*, Emperor Waltz, Darling Please Be Mine*
(*Original Music by Donald E. Grzanna).
Accordion European Tour Originals - CD
Midi Accordion performed by Don Grzanna

Down by the River Seine, Old Village Polka, Dream Waltz, Festival Polka, Rain in Paris, Bavarian Polka, Golden Days Waltz, Blue Eyes Polka, New Italian Waltz, Cindy's Polka, Kuku Bird's Waltz, Ragtime.
Accordion Variety Originals - CD
Midi accordion/Keyboard variety music performed by Don Grzanna

Waltzing Through Paris, Switzerland Polka, Paris Alive, Clip Clop Polka, Dean Martin Tribute, Snow Polka, Old Mexico Waltz, Swingtime Polka, Italian Siren Rhumba, Accordion Ragtime, Accordion Tarentella, Kiss Me Waltz.

Hot and Hotter Jazz - CD
original accordion arrangements by Don Grzanna

Halloween Jazz I, Pizza Delight, Flapper, Swifter I, Int eh Clouds, I Want to See My Name Bright on Broadway I, Goin' Home, Jazz Date.
Don Grzanna Plays Around the World, Accordion Solo - CD
original accordion solos by Don Grzanna

Paris Lives, Bastille Waltz, French Tango, Party Time, Old Paris, Spanish Tango, Hog Polka, Hotel Deville, Princess Waltz, Moonlight Bossa, Happy Time Polka, Waltz in C, Parisian Moon Bossa, New World Polka, Ladybird Waltz, Butterfly Bossa, Mountain Polka, Waltz in D, Italian Waltz.
Don Grzanna Daybreak - CD
original keyboardmusic by Don Grzanna *Sonatina performed by Suzanne Grzanna

Daybreak, April Dreams, By the Fireside, Latin Nights, Enchanted Villa, Capri Jazz, Havin' Fun, My Dream of Love, Spring Waltz, Sonatina in 3 movements performed by Suzanne Grzanna.
Holiday for Accordion - CD/Cassette
original accordion music by Don Grzanna

Escapade, Enchanted Villa, Holiday for Accordion, Accordion Twist, Elm Street Boogie, Fog, Sea Voyage, April Dreams, Cinderella Waltz, By the Fireside, Latin Nights, I Love to be with You, D G's Boogie, Winter Winds, Salt & Peper, Christmas Delight, My Dream of Love, Edna.
Original Songs written by Don Grzanna - CD
performed by the "Suzanne Grzanna Jazz Quartet" - CD

Latin Nights, Spring Waltz, Jazz and Me, Capri Jazz, Bhy the Fireside (Instrumental version), Enchanted Villa, Daybreak, I Want My Name with vocal Bright on Broadwa Lyrics by Don Grzanna, Santa's Cheer with vocal Lyrics by Pat Trevisan, Solid Joy, Winter Winds with vocal Lyrics by Don Grzanna, Christmas Delight, Lovely Winter Love, By the Fireside with vocal Lyrics by Suzanna Grzanna.
Original Accordion Music, Don Grzanna - CD/Cassette

Parisienne Waltz, Hop Skip Jump Polka, Capri Waltz, Darling Please Be Mine Polka, Romantic Waltz, You are the Dream Polka, Spring Waltz, Marueen's Polka, Jones Island Waltz, Crystal Lake Waltz, Sherwwod Lane Waltz, Latin Nights, Jamboree Polka, Southern Bird Dance, Alpine Villa Waltz, Having Fun, Bell Polka, Northern Chicken Dance.
april dreams April Dreams, Original Compositions - CD/Cassette

Latin Nights, My Dream of Love, The Runway, Cinderella Waltz, April Dreams, Summer Forever Yours, Northern Lights, By The Fireside, Winter Winds, Christmas Delight, Santa's Glee, Sunny Day, Capri Jazz, I Love To Be With You, Jazz and Me.
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Maureen's Polka
48 seconds
Jones Island Waltz
42 seconds
from "Daybreak"
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Sonatina - III mov.
42 seconds
from "Around the World"
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Paris Lives
31 seconds
Happy Time Polka
41 seconds
from "Polkas Galore"
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Hop Skip Jump Polka
20 seconds
from "Accordion Music"
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Parisienne Waltz
37 seconds
from "Holiday for Accordion"
Playing Time
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29 seconds
Sea Voyage
31 seconds
33 seconds


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