Guinness Record Success!, 2016 Tacheng Accordion Festival - China

2016 Tacheng Accordion Festival
Success! The official count was 1,517 accordions playing together on 20th August at the 2016 Tacheng Accordion Festival, to break the existing Guiness World Record, which was 1,361 people playing accordion together in Shenzhen City in 2014.

Read about the successful attempt in Daily Reports, competition results, pictures and video of the 2016 Tacheng Accordion Festival at: 2016Tacheng


Chen Cuoqing - Conductor

2016 Cotati Accordion Festival, A Joyful Experience - USA

Cotati PosterPhoto above: Winners of many competitions and friends from three different corners of the world: Cory Pesaturo (USA), Jelena Milojevic (Canada - originally from Croatia), Tian Jianan (China), Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (Finland) and Michael Bridge (Canada).

The Cotati Accordion Festival (CAF) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the love of the accordion and supporting local youth and service organizations. To date over $400,000 has supported the community.


Jim Boggio

Christian Riganelli, Artistic Director, 2016 PIF Castelfidardo - Italy

Christian Riganelli
Christian Riganelli, Music School Paolo  SopraniPicture above: Christian Riganelli, Director of the Music School Paolo Soprani announcing a group of younger students at the 2015 PIF Castelfidardo.

Christian Riganelli is the Artistic Director of the 2016 PIF Castelfidardo being held from 22 to 25 September.


CNIMA J. Mornet: Stage conventionné AFDAS avec Ludovic Beier - France

Ludovic Beier at CNIMA
Ludovic BeierPour solistes ou groupes de jazz manouche, chanson, indé, ... :
« Astuces du jazz manouche », stage ouvert à tous instruments avec prise en charge AFDAS possible pour les intermittents, animé par LUDOVIC BEIER (www.ludovicbeier.com)
Du 26 au 30 septembre 2016, en pension complète (vos dossiers AFDAS avant fin août !)
Des infos et tous contacts ici : www.cnima.com


CNIMA J. Mornet

Admissions for the HEMU-classe d' accordéon, Lausanne - Switzerland

HEMU Admission
Stéphane Chapuis19 Septembre Examen d' admissions classe d'accordéon HEMU Lausanne

Professeur: Stéphane Chapuis (photo de gauche)

HEMU - Classe d' accordéon 2016-2017 :


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Chapter 20 Released of "Play Your Accordion Without Pain" - USA

'Play Your Accordion Without Pain', book coverJohn Bonica PT CMP NZRP has released Chapter 20 of his book "Play Your Accordion Without Pain". Chapter 20 details "Other arm/hand conditions which affect playing your accordion."

You can purchase the whole book for US$22 (or Euro equivalent) and be sent each chapter by email as it is released. This is an ebook so it will be sent to you as as Acrobat pdf.

Further details about this book is at: John Bonica


Gary Dahl New Arrangement and Updated Arrangement Now Available - USA

Gary DahlUpdated Site:
New arrangement of Muss i denn ... a favorite German folk tune known world wide. Note the bass lines composed by G. Dahl that add more color than the original lines. Catalog: DH0255

Updated arrangement of Catalog: DH0210 Maple Leaf Rag

Any clients who have already purchased Maple Leaf Rag music may email for the updated arrangement which will be provided by email to you without charge.


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