10ème prix de musique de “La Cloche d’Or Chinoise” JinZhong, concours de groupes avec accordéon - Chine

Tenth JinZhong Chinese Golden Bell Award
Tenth JinZhong Chinese Golden Bell AwardLe 10éme prix de musique de “La Cloche d’Or Chinoise”, JinZhong, concours de groupes avec accordéon, se tiendra à Guangzhou du 17 au 25 novembre 2015. Reportages quotidiens sur cette nouvelle compétition attractive à partir du 21 novembre à : 2015GoldenBell


6ème concours international des bayanistes et accordéonistes de Moscou

VI International Competition of Bayan and Accordion Players
27th International Festival Le 6ème concours international des bayanistes et accordéonistes, et le 27ème festival international « Bayan & bayanistes » se tiendront à la grande salle de concert de Gnessin, Moscou, du 13 au 20 décembre 2015.


18ème Festival International d’Accordéon – Lithuanie

XV111 International Accordion Festival
Sergey OsokinLe 18ème Festival International d’Accordéon se tiendra du 11 au 20 novembre à Vilnius, Lithuanie.
Les manifestations auront lieu à l’église Ste-Catherine, à la Mairie de Vilnius, dans le grand hall de l’académie de musique, et à l’académie lithuanienne de musique J.Karosas de Gediminas. Le directeur artistique du festival est Raimondas Sviackevicius.


Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) futurs évènements - Finlande

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) header
Coupe Mondiale logoLa Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) a récemment mis à jour son site et annoncé ses évènements futurs.


Nouveau CD de Sergey Osokin, artiste et professeur, Moscou - Russia

Il Dolce Dolore CD by Sergey OsokinLe nouveau CD Dolce Dolore II, Catalog os603, de Sergey Osokin (accordéon) propose 4 oeuvres majeures interprétées avec Nadezhda Tokareva (violon) et Andrey Berezin (violoncelle) :


CD Reviews

CD Review: “So Far, So Close” CD by Incoerente Duo

“So Far, So Close” CD coverCD Reviews Index for the Review of “So Far, So Close” CD by Incoerente Duo – Alessandro Tampieri (violin), Giorgio Dellarole (accordion). Review by Alessandro Mugnoz.


New and Updated Sites

New CD and eTracks Album "Appliques" Released by Yuri Shishkin - Russia

Appliques header
Yuri Shishkin Album AppliquesThe new Yuri Shishkin CD and eTracks Album titled "Appliques" is available online, Catalog: yshishkin07

Appliques album contains 58:44 minutes of music and the insert says: "Appliques" is the rarest program I have ever performed. It is a classical musician's experiment. This experiments success is due to ......


New Mika Väyrynen CD, Danse Macabre - Finland Accordeon Institute

Mika Väyrynen Danse Macabre CD coverFinnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen has released his latest CD recording 'Danse Macabre', featuring a variety of works including original works he has commissioned for the accordion, transcriptions and original works. 

Tracks list:
1. Sonata in B Minor (from the Sonata Triad) Herman Galynin (1922-1966) 3.54
2. Adagio No.1, Op. 102 (2014) Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) 4:38
3. Preludes and Fugues, Op. 95 (2009) Aulis Sallinen (b. 1935) 9:20
4. From Lyric Pieces Edward Grieg (1843-1907) 10:52
5. Peer Gynt Fantasy (2013) Paavo Korpijaakko (b.1977) 10:03
6. Three Finnish Folksongs (2011) Folk/Mika Väyrynen 7:38
- The Sky is Blue and White
- Obtrobothnian Polska (in memoriam Juha Nikkola)
- Little Folksong
7. The Sound of Ice (2013) Pasi Lyytikäinen (b. 1975) 9:34
8. Vocalise Op. 34, No. 14 Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) 6:18
9. Danse Macabre Camille Saint-Saëns (1985-1921) / Vladimir Horowitz, arr. Mika Väyrynen 7:58

Picture left: CD cover, and below that, Mika Väyrynen recent recital at the 2015 Coupe Mondiale in Finland.

The CD Danse Macabre, Cat No. faicd26 is available online.  The Danse Macabre albums is also available as an eTracks mp3 download, Cat No. faicd26eT for only €9. Other Mika CD's and eTracks albums are available from the site: Finnish Accordeon Institute


New CD/Site page: Balin-Vioyan Duo Auslese CD - China

Balin-Vioyan Duo Auslese CD CoverBalin-Vioyan Duo Auslese Album Cat No: tjianan04 has been released by the Tian Jianan (accordionist) and Gong Yuan (violinist).

Balin-Vioyan Duo won 1st place in the chamber music category of “The 50th Klingenthal” International competition for accordion held in Germany and had another 1st place result at the 66th Coupe Mondiale” International Accordion Competitions in Victoria, Canada.

These successes and their harmonious music resulted in the Balin-Vioyan Duo being featured on the cover of Issue 11 of the magazine 'Musical Instrument'.

This CD includes the competition works of Balin-Vioyan, and adds 'Memento', the chamber music award-winning work for accordion, violin and bass that was composed by Tian Jianan. The CD also includes Beijing 2011 by Franck Angelis, a work that was composed for Tian Jianan, now in duet format.


Updated Site: Franco Cambareri 3 New Works Released - Australia

Nonno Ciccio's Tango (solo)Franco Cambareri has released three new works:
Catalog No: cfranco196 - Nonno Ciccio's Tango (solo)
Catalog No: cfranco197 - Gringo Vibes (solo)
Catalog No: cfranco198 - Time 4 Salsa (solo)
as an eSheet, able to be purchased online with credit card and sent to you by email.


Updated Site: Renzo Ruggieri "Up To Christmas" €10 CD Special - Italy

Renzo Ruggieri CD's
Valentino è Tango CD CoverRenzo Ruggieri CD'sFamous Renzo Ruggieri is making an "Up To Christmas" special for all his CD's at the super price of only €10 each. This special includes his latest album Valentino è Tango.

There are sound samples online so you can hear the vast array of music on these 11 CD's. If you buy all 11 CD's, the postage within Europe is for €11 and outside Europe €21 Euro.
Email musicforaccordion@yahoo.com for how to order all 11 CD's.

eTracks mp3 albums also available, download to your computer. These now include a pdf file of the CD booklet downloaded with the mp3 files.

Full information and to purchase at: Renzo Ruggieri


Renzo Ruggieri CD's

Site Update: Gary Dahl Newly Engraved 'Indifference' - USA

Indifference arranged by Gary DahlGary DahlPopular arranger Gary Dahl announces the newly engraved and updated arrangement of "Indifference" Cat. No: DH0076, a popular work by Columbo & Murena that has been recorded by so many different performers.

Gary Dahl writes: "This updated arrangement is now worthwhile for virtuoso performances."

This arrangement by Gary Dahl has been popular too and is available online at: DH0076


Updated Site: Arseniy Strokovskiy International Successes and Videos - Russia

Arseniy StrokovskiyArseniy Strokovskiy has enjoyed major international competition successes in 2015 with:

- 1st prize - The VI International Festival and Competition "Accordion plus" in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, March 2015.

1st prize - The XIII National Competition "Vivat, Bayan!" in Samara, Russia, May 2015.

- 2nd place, September in the Castelfidardo Premio category. Video on his site of his performance with the symphony orchestra for the final round.

- 3rd place, October in the 68th Coupe Mondiale category in Finland. Video on site of Arseniy Strokovskiy performing his 3rd round program.


Updated Site: Semion Shmelkov 4 CD's, Moscow - Russia

Semion Shmelkov CD coverSemion Shmelkov CD coverSemion Shmelkov 4 CD's and updated CV and site information.

4 CD's available at:
shmelkovcd01 The Poem CD

shmelkovcd02 Sempre Majore! (Flute and Bayan) CD

shmelkovcd03 Evening Love Ditties (Bayan) CD

shmelkovcd04 l'amour CD and eTracks mp3 album


Joan Grauman CD "Accordion Potpourri" Released, Washington DC - USA

Accordion Potpourri CD by Joan Grauman
Joan GraumanOver the years, Joan Grauman has been recorded often for documentary films, live concerts, accompanying other artists' CDs. Just recently, Joan decided to record her own CD "Accordion Potpourri". Joan's aim was to pick simple and beautiful melodies that sound so good on the accordion.

The CD project has been a family affair with Joan doing the artwork for the CD cover, son-in-law Don as audio engineer, daughter Emily accompanying Joan on percussion for two of the tracks, and husband Dan doing layout.


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