Monday 8th to Sunday 14th October 2007
A full report of the event will appear on the City of Castelfidardo website. This is a Photo Report of who attended, the competitors and guest artists and the results.

Classical Music Section
Category A - Classical Music Section - Soloists up to the age of 12.

Category B - Classical Music Section - Soloists up to the age 15.
Category C- Classical Music Section - Soloists up to the age of 18.
Category D - Classical Music Section - Soloists no age limit.
Category Premio - Concert-soloists, no age limit.
Category E - Classical Music Section - 2 to 8 member accordion chamber music orchestras.
Category F - Chamber music orchestras with accordion and other classical or popular and folk instruments.

Light Music Section
Category G - Light music Section - Soloists up to the age of 18.
Category H - Light Music Section - Soloists no age limit.
Category I - Light Music Section - Bands no age limit, max 12 members.
Category L - Jazz Music Section, no age or numbers limits, accordion must predominate.
Category M - Astor Piazzolla Section, no age or numbers limits, accordion/bandoneon must predominate.
Category Q - Soundtracks, duo-ensemble.
Category R - Free composition for accordion and percussions.

Orchestra A - Superior Level
Orchestra B - Middle Level

Photographs from the First Days
of well known accordion identities.
New logos and signs show the way to the
Competition Festival Office.
Some of the Castelfidardo Festival office team. You can
see the new poster logos on the wall behind them.
left to right: Laura Francenella, Monia
Marco from Bugari Armando Accordion Factory and Massimo Ballone-Burini
Castelfidardo Competitions and Festival Artistic
Director Paolo Picchio
Massimo Pigini (owner Pigini Accordion Factory) and Paolo Picchio.
Renzo Ruggieri (Scandalli demonstrater, jazz and teacher exponent) with "Speedy" Gonzales and Cyril Blanchard of France.
Famous teachers Frederic Deschamps (France)
and Friedrich Lips Moscow.
Friedrich Lips and Claudio Jacomucci were conducting
seminars at the start of the week.
Famous tutors from different corners of the world - Prof Li Cong
from China with Renzo Ruggieri of Italy with
Angelo Parrella di Logic System.
Fausto Fabi - Public Relations for the Scandalli and Paolo Soprani accordion factories shows off the new promotional Castelfidardo Festival sweater to friends including Renzo Ruggieri.
Nice banners around the town.
More nice colored banner designs really gave a nice atmosphere of Castelfidardo City being an "accordion city".
Famous friends Cao Xiao-Qing (Beijing University - China)
and Jacques Mornet (CNIMA school - France).
Frederic Deschamps and Alexander Dmitriev (St Petersburg - Russia) who this year won a special award for the most students winning top three places in the classical categories of the Castelfidardo Festival.

A group in O'Briens Bar (left to right):
Massimo Tagliata, Guido Tononi, Fabio Rossato,
Tiziano Chiappelli, Thomas Sinigaglia,
Holda Paoletti-Kampl and Riccardo Breccia of Victoria Accordions.

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