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Host: CIA Member - Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV)
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Executive Committee
United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL Finland - Kimmo MATTILA
Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF France - Frederic DESCHAMPS
Music Committee  
France - Frederic DESCHAMPS (Chairperson) New Zealand - Grayson MASEFIELD
Germany - Andreas NEBL Russia - Viatcheslav SEMIONOV

Delegates in Attendance    
Austria - Werner WEIBERT (HVÖ) Jörgen SUNDEQVIST (SDR)
United Kingdom - Anna BODELL (NAO) Italy - Mirco PATARINI (IAC)
Germany - Fritz DOBLER (DHV) USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH (USA - AAA/ATG)
Germany - Hedy STARK-FUSSNEGGER (DHV) Russia - Viatcheslav SEMIONOV (CSMC)
Germany - Georg HETTMAN (DHV) Russia - Alexander SELIVANOV (CSMC)
New Zealand - Grayson MASEFIELD (NZAA) Russia - Yulia AMERIKOVA (CSMC)
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA (SHL) France - Frederic DESCHAMPS (APH)
CIA Coupe Mondiale IT Technical Team
Finland - Ville MATTILA Finland - Jaakko VIKMAN

Apologies for Non-Attendance

Brazil - Lauro VALERIO

USA/ATG - Joan SOMMERS Bosnia & Herzegovinia - Zoran RAKIĆ
Slovakia - Tibor RACZ China - Crystal WANG
New Zealand - Harley JONES New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD
USA/AAA - Mary TOKARSKI United Kingdom - Graheme LAURIE
Australia - Elizabeth JONES Canada - Alexandar MILEJOVIC
Macedonia - Anica KARAKUTOVSKA Portugal - Amarilis MATONO
Macedonia - Elizabeta ILIEVSKA Serbia - Voijin VASOVIC
Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA    
Friday, 24 February 2012

The CIA held their 127th General Assembly of Delegates in Miesbach, Germany hosted by one of their founding members, the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV). The Congress was held in conjunction with the DHV German National Accordion Music Prize, the qualifications in Bavaria entitle successful candidates to proceed to the German National Championships.

The event opened with a Welcome Reception followed by a Concert hosted by the DHV at the Bauerntheater in the nearby town of Schliersee. The concert featured the Landesjugend-Akkordeonorchester Bayern. The Orchestra opened the concert under the direction of Stefan Fusseder which also featured vocalists Johanna Huttendorfer Fusseder and Konstanze Huttendorfer. The second half of the concert featured the Orchestra under the direction of Hedy Stark-Fussnegger.

DHV Champagne Welcome Reception
Above left: Andreas Nebl and Fritz Dobler
Above right: Georg Hettman, Mirco Patarini, Raymond Bodell, Frederic Deschamps and Kevin Friedrich
Above left: Georg Hettman and Kimmo Mattila
Above right: Ville Mattila, Jaakko Vikman, Herbert Scheibenreif, Jörgen Sundeqvist
Above left: Grayson Masefield and Frederic Deschamps
Above right: Raymond and Anna Bodell and Kevin Friedrich
Opening Concert at the Bauerntheater in Schliersee
Landesjugend-Akkordeonorchester Bayern, under the direction of Stefan Fusseder
Conductor Stefan Fusseder with vocalists
Johanna Huttendorfer Fusseder and Konstanze Huttendorfer
Landesjugend-Akkordeonorchester Bayern
under the direction of Stefan Fusseder and Hedy Stark-Fussnegger
Saturday, 25 February 2012

Members of the Executive Committee, Music Committee and Delegates met throughout the day in a series of sessions conducting the business of the CIA including items pertaining to Membership, Awards, Competitions, Activities and Business and Financial Matters. The day concluded with a Bavarian Dinner and Music Evening hosted by the DHV.
Below is an overview of the General Assembly topics:
The current Russian Voting member 'Creative School Master Class (CSMC)' has transferred their membership to their reformed larger national association, which includes them as an integral part, so as of now their new name is '
Interregnal Association of Bayanists and Accordionists' (IABA). The President of the CSMC is also the new President of IABA. Professor Friedrich Lips and Viatcheslav Semionov are Vice Presidents. The CIA point of contact is Vice President: Viatcheslav Semionov.
New Member: In addition, a new application was accepted from Russia as a second Voting member. The 'Russian Alliance of Harmonica and Accordion Performers' under the leadership of President: Rafgat Altinbaev. The CIA point of contact is Alexander Selivanov.
CIA Awards:
Each year the CIA can award up to two CIA Merit Awards and four Honored Friend of the Accordion Awards. Only two applications were received this year and were awarded as follows:
CIA Merit Award: Matti RANTANEN (Finland)
CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion Award: Ken FARRAN (United Kingdom)
New Technology:
This year, the CIA will trial the elimination of paper music scores for the Jury members. On one category the Masters Coupe Mondiale, candidates will be asked to submit a .pdf file of their music to be viewed by the Jury on IPADs or similar devices, provided by the CIA. To assist the contestants, if they do not have the possibility to scan their music, the CIA will do so upon receiving their music at registration. The CIA already has most Baroque and Classical pieces in digital format, so as candidates register they will see which pieces are already in the CIA library and not required to be submitted. As more of the repertoire is gathered, it is anticipated to expand this to all categories that require music for the Jury, by the 2013 Coupe Mondiale. This new format will eliminate the need for candidates to bring music with them, it will enable the judges to have clear access to the music in digital format for viewing as well as being environmentally friendly.
Delegate and Jury Registration:
As our automation systems are expanded both Jury and Delegates will be able to establish a profile in the same place as our current entry system. This will eliminate the need to resubmit information, and will allow the user to update their information and profile as necessary. The system will offer the opportunity for registrants (Competitors, Delegates and Jury) to request a visa invitation, by sending all the approriate information to the host nation organizers.
EMC Music Competition:
The International Forum of Young Performers (IFYP), created in 1969, is a European competition for young musicians organized by the European Broadcasting Union on behalf of the International Music Council (IMC). Since 2002 it has been called "New Talent". The "New Talent" competition aims to encourage and promote young musicians through radio, by the organization of public concerts that are broadcast by member organization of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).
Candidacies from young musicians can be submitted either by EBU Member organizations or by any members of the International and European Music Council (IMC/EMC), which of course includes the CIA. Since 2003, the "New Talent" competition takes place in Bratislava (Slovakia) and is co-produced by Radio and Television of Slovakia, organizational unit Slovak Radio (hereinafter referred to as SKRTVS) and the Slovak Philharmonic-Bratislava Music Festival.
Each IMC member is entitled to submit to candidates, and so the CIA is going to invite the Winners of the 2011 Coupe Mondiale
Nenad IVANOVIC - Serbia and the Winner of the 2011 International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music Pietro ADRAGNA - Italy to participate in this exciting competition. CIA General Secretary will work as the contact for all details of this competition.
CIA Membership Dues:
The CIA voted to keep the Membership dues at the same rate throughout at least 2013, allowing both the CIA and National Member Associations to calculate their budgets accordingly.
Competition Category Managers:

Each of the categories of Competition this year will have a Manager to work with all details pertaining to that division. The Manager will take the team of contestants through the various aspects and rounds of their competition, as well as assist with all technical details and information transfer between the host Nation and the CIA. It will provide a point of contact for all invovled with the competition and provide an extra service for our contestants to have someone designated as their host throughout the festival.
Music Committee:
The Music Committee detailed the amendments to the rules for this year, and will make some further adjustments and clarifications for the 2013 rules in various categories as necessary, to continually ensure the best conditions for the students and teachers.
World Accordion Day:

The CIA will explore a new opportunity for World Accordion. The World Accordion Day this year will be a 24 Hour Celebration of the Accordion, similar to the coverage of New Years Eve, whereby celebrations are viewed on an ongoing basis as the time zones elapse around the world.

This year, for World Accordion Day, each CIA member will be invited to submit either a 'live event' via technology such as streaming video and Skype etc... at the actual time, or, they may pre-record their contribution and submit it to the event coordinator Grayson Masefield, who will direct the days activities. A combination of live and prerecorded activities are anticipated, along with real-time interviews and chats from throughout the world.

The production will be available for viewing live throughout the day, as well as other times through 24 separate hours of archived videos. CIA Members will be contacted very soon with details pertaining to this exciting celebration.

CIA Winter Congress Meetings
Delegates in attendance at the 127th General Assembly - Winter Congress
Standing from left to right: Hedy STARK-FUSSNEGGER (Germany), Werner WEIBERT (Austria), Georg HETTMAN (Germany), Viatcheslav SEMIONOV (Russia), Yulia AMERIKOVA (Russia), Alexander SELIVANOV (Russia), Grayson MASEFIELD (New Zealand), Anna BODELL (United Kingdom), Andreas NEBL (Germany), Fritz DOBLER (Germany), Jörgen SUNDEQVIST (Sweden), Kevin FRIEDRICH (USA)
Sitting from left to right: Mirco PATARINI (Italy), Herbert SCHEIBENREIF (Austria), Raymond BODELL (United Kingdom), Frederic DESCHAMPS (France), Kimmo MATTILA (Finland).
Delegates during the 127th General Assembly Winter Congress in Miesbach, Germany
Delegates during the 127th General Assembly Winter Congress in Miesbach, Germany
Delegates during the 127th General Assembly Winter Congress in Miesbach, Germany
The CIA Technical Team Jaakko Vikman and Ville Mattila. Jaako and Ville have created the automated entry and draw system for the Coupe Mondiale and continue to develop the automated processes for many of the CIA activities. They are pictured here with General Secretary Kimmo Mattila and Andreas Nebl and Grayson Masefield as they work with the Music Committee on details of the functions that relate to the entry systems.
Viatcheslav Semionov, Frederic Deschamps, Grayson Masefield and Andreas Nebl
as they meet with the Music Committee
DHV Bavarian Evening
Soatnhupfer from Hausham providing some traditional Bavarian Music for the CIA Delegates
Gartnhauslmusi from Hausham providing some traditional Bavarian Music for the CIA Delegates
Soatnhupfer and Gartnhauslmusi Bavarian Groups
Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Executive Committee held their final meeting followed by the closing session of the 127th General Assembly of Delegates. Here delegates are pictured at the conclusion of the Congress Meeting making a photo greeting for Prof. Lech Puchnowski who was celebrating his 80th Birthday. Prof. Puchnowski served as a long time member of the CIA Executive Committee in the 1970's and 1980's.

The CIA will hold their next General Assembly in Spoleto, Italy as they begin the 65th Coupe Mondiale Celebrations from 21-26 August 2012.

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