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10th August Daily Report

The competitions are now completed and the major event of the day is the Closing Ceremony
later in the afternoon.
Compere announcing the beginning of the Closing Ceremony and reading out the results.
Presentation for all Third Placegetters
Presentation for all Second Placegetters
A lot of the popular winners receiving their certificates.
Presentation to all First Placegetters.
Zhu Zheng (who was accepting the price for another person), $500 prizewinners. $1,000 prize winner
Zhu Zheng was placed 2nd. Harley Jones making a speech translated by Tatsiana Kamarova
Speech by Harley Jones
  Rector of Harbin University, Xu Xiaofeng
Prize winner Wan Yizhong performed. Chen Ziwei

Shi Xuan Yan Shuo
Yin Yiwen Huang Mengyao
Zhu Zheng, 2nd place Masters category (highest level solo category) who performed at a very high level in this concert.
Winner was Alexander Verettenkov (Russia) pictured here performing in the competition, who
had left to return to perform in Moscow so could not attend the Closing Ceremony.
To conclude the Closing Ceremony, Grayson Masefield performed. Tan Jia Liang
Cao Ye  
The the three performed as a trio to very strong applause from the audience.

Masters Solo (highest level solo) category

Entertainment Music, under 18 years category

Entertainment Music, above 18 years category

Adult Free Bass category

Adult Standard Bass category

Childrens Group A

Childrens Group B

Junior Standard Bass
then below that Junior Free Bass
then Teenagers Standard Bass
then Teenagers Free Bass.

Duet or Ensemble Accordion
then Chamber Music, Accordion with other instrument/s
then Accordion Orchestra.

First Place Winners for every category

Second Place Winners for every category

Third Place Winners for every category

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