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7th August Daily Report


The morning started with a bus ride into the music campus in the city. I decided
to watch some of the Master (top) solo category. Below is the photo of the list of the contestants.

Jury of the Master solo category. Left to right: Xu Dawei, Frederic Deschamps, Vladimir Zubitsky, Wang Susheng, Wang Yuping, Alexander Kapitan, Viatcheslav Semenenko and Zhang Guoping.
First contestant took the stage, Kong Xzaochen. and after she was interviewed by the Harbin University TV
who are covering the event.
Two contestants, Guan Lei and Quo Yang, warming up before performing. Ding Peng (Hohner), Cao Ye and Alexander Veretennikov
Director of the Akko accordion factory Dmitrii Auralyou and his wife Elena were attending with the China agent, Dmitriy Sokolov, and Alexander Veretennikov Tatsiana Kamarova making the translation of my interview with the Harbin University TV station.
I then moved to another of the three venues running at the same time. This category was for young people, under 18 years.
The jury: Li Lijia, Sun Jiasheng, Zhu Chan Ling and Zhang Liqin
.Each venue had a large banner with the event name.
Two contestants, above Zheng Zhuo Ran who were playing while I was in this competition room.
I then visited the entertainment category which had the best audience.
The jury was: Yang Fan, Li Lanfeng, Marco Pasculli, Zhang Xinhua and Lin Wenlin.
A picture of the banner behind the players. Some entertainment category competitors - Gerasimov of Russia.
I then returned to the Master category for the last two competitors. Cao Xuesong. Alexander Veretennikov was the last player in the category.

Opening Program

Opening Ceremony

The Rector of Harbin University, Xu Xiaofeng announced the various important people representing the sponsors.
These were:
Presenters: The Ministry of Culture of China,
The People's Republic of China,
Harbin Municipal Government,
Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province.
Organizer: Harbin Normal University.
Several important directors representing the sponsors made speeches.

Speech at Opening Ceremony on behalf of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
by the Public Relations Manager Harley Jones.
Accordion and Orchestra手风琴与交响乐 Unbounded composed by Liu Qiao of Harbin University.
This work featured an accordion soloist Xu Guoqi.
and accompanying trio of accordionists performing with the Symphony Orchestra of Harbin Noramql University Music College conducted by Tao Yabing. The accordion soloist was Xu Guoqi (sitting left), and the trio accordionists were: Jia Ru, Piao Zhen and Yu Fengrui.
The trio of accordionists. Xu Guoqi
Viva Voce composed by Efrem Podgaits. Soloist Xu Xiaonan.
欢乐之声 作曲:伯德盖茨
Xu Xiaonan was both dramatic and very musical with a very confident performance.
Next to the stage was Alexander Skliarov who performed with tenderness and beauty and finished with the audience calling for more.
Yuri Shishkin was performing superbly and also appreciated very much
by the audience who called more, more when he ended.
Grayson Masefield performed one work solo the finish above pictured.
Grayson then performed standing, popular musette style accompanied by backing tracks. Above are pictures of his expressive face as he was playing, audience clapping to the music and very strong applause.
The finale was Vladimir Zubitsky who took the stage to perform his own composition for accordion and orchestra, titled Piazolla Recalls. The string orchestra was nearly all standing for this work and even chanted at times.
Zubitsky played a range of melodies from Piazzola with his own composition style flavour and was obviously enjoying the moment of an excellent performance by the orchestra / conductor with his accordion integrated so well, in cadenza style, leading the melody and also playing and effects from within the orchestra.
This work finished with Zubitsky and the orchestra, including pianist, leaping to their feet, bows in the air or arms in the air. Following the long ovation was a second time encore, a part of this enjoyable work.
The artists were all called to the stage for final thank you for a very much appreciated Opening Ceremony Concert that was very enjoyable for the audience.

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