Wayne Knights

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Campbell Bettridge
Rhonda Morrison
Sarah Langley
Kathryn Fletcher
Lionel Reekie

Wayne Knights

Wayne started playing the accordion at the age of 6. Since then he has won numerous competitions both in New Zealand and Internationally. He toured with the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra three times.

Wayne began teaching the accordion at the age of 16 and currently teaches music theory classes. He is a past committee member of the New Zealand Accordion Association. Since its inception in 1996, Wayne has been the Webmaster of Accordions Worldwide, the world's largest accordion website and works fulltime as a Consultant and Web Designer for New Zealand Internet Services.

Outside of music, Wayne is a member and on the board of the New Zealand Professional Golfers Association and is a New Zealand Cricket First Class umpire. He also plays squash, enjoys skiing and fishing.

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