BCA Theory Examination Entry Form 2021
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Date of Birth (06/11/2001):
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Online Exams are available by arrangment with the College Direct

Grade Entering

Entry Fees for Examination

Examination Entry Fees  2021

Preliminary                Pr               £22.00
Grade                          1                £25.00
Grade                          2                £26.00
Grade                          3                £27.00
Grade                          4                £29.00
Grade                          5                £32.00
Grade                          6                £36.00
Grade                          7                £38.00
Grade                          8                £40.00


Late entry fee               £10.00
Re- registration fee      £10.00


Please complete the entry form in full, as the information requested is essential, and is also used to complete certificates, etc.

All entries must be submitted to the BCA Secretariat not later than the Closing Date. Late entries, with the additional Late Entry Fee of £10.00, will be accepted up to ONE WEEK after the Closing Date.

Re-Entry may only be made at the next session of examinations held by the Centre.