A look at the 2002 Festival in Orlando, Florida
Competitors, guest artists and attendees represented nations as far afield as India, United Kingdom, China, Poland, France and the USA during four days of nonstop accordion activities at the 62nd Annual ATG Competition and Festival held in Orlando, Florida.

The ATG was a terrific success, despite some
last minute challenges.

Both headliners Myron Floren and Frederic Baldo were unable to attend, and at the last minute were replaced by outstanding artists Frank Marocco and Peter Soave.

Myron was forced to cancel all of his appearances due to unforeseen health problems, however we are pleased to report that he is now fit and well again, and ready to resume his concert agenda. Frederic Baldo was mugged enroute to the airport in Paris, where his travel documents were stolen, including his passport. Unfortunately, he was unable to replace them in time to attend the ATG convention.

While extremely disappointing, the ATG is happy to announce that he was not harmed, and that they will proceed with plans to have him as their feature artist at the 2003 ATG Convention in Chicago, July 25-29, 2003.

In a separate incident, the ATG Guest clinician from India, Prahlada Rao Ravindra and his travel companions were held up at gunpoint upon arrival in the city of Orlando, where they had all their belongings stolen.

Once again, the ATG is happy to announce that no-one was hurt, and Mr. Ravindra (pictured center - with a big smile) went on to present an outstanding workshop, and was a valuable member of the 122 piece orchestra that performed in concert at Epcot Center, in Orlando.
Paisley Accordion Orchestra
The Brian Laurie Paisley Senior Band from Paisley, Scotland provided an outstanding show as part of the ATG Festival.

Having performed in Germany, Holland and Switzerland, this is the first time the orchestra has traveled to the United States.

Performing music from classical overtures to ethnic music, the group specializes in a wide variety of Scottish Music.

Over 500 music students a week attend the Brian Laurie Paisley Academy of Music where Brian, his wife Janette and 15 other teachers work to provide quality music education for all ages.
ATG Festival Activities/Events
Popular Entertainer Lenny Feldmann is pictured here at the ATG Banquet serenading Kansas City entertainer, Betty Jo Simon.

Betty Jo also entertained the 130 people attending the formal ATG dinner. The pre-dinner show was provided by the University of Missouri - Kansas City Community Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers.
Frank Marocco saved the day by flying in last minute to fill in for French star Frederic Baldo who was unable to attend after having his passport stolen on the way to the airport.

Frank was tracked down in the Nevada desert, driving back to Los Angeles after having been featured at the successful Las Vegas International Accordion Convention.

He immediately jumped on a plane, flew to Orlando, where he arrived just minutes before he was due to play.

Frank, who was also a surprise participant in the ATG Festival Orchestra's performance at Walt Disney World, is pictured here with ATG President Joan Sommers.

Adding to the ATG stories, the fire alarm sounded shortly after Frank began his performance which resulted in organized chaos as the Sheraton Safari Ballroom was evacuated.

It turned out to be a false alarm... however, Frank's music was so HOT, it may have been just that setting off the alarm!

Soon everyone was re-seated and Frank went on to bring the house down with his performance! Thank you Frank for helping the ATG and our guests on a moments notice!
The Puerto Rico Accordion Orchestra under the musical direction of Esther Eugenia Bertieaux provided an exciting hands on workshop on Latin Music as well as a feature spot on the Sunday Morning ATG Awards Concert.
Paisley Accordion Orchestra Workshop

Several accordionists were thrilled to have the opportunity to perform with the Paisley Ceilidh Dance Band during their exciting and energetic workshop which featured music and dancing.

The Ceilidh band also provided an outstanding dance function after the Saturday night concert!


The ATG closed its annual competition and festival with the annual Sunday Awards Ceremony and Concert.

Trophies this year were very patriotic in nature and featured the Stars and Stripes of the US Flag.