is a new initiative to assist accordion business people doing business in Castelfidardo. Director is Avv. Giovanni Ballone Burini, a lawyer living and working in Castelfidardo, practicing commercial law and fluent in English and Italian.

He studied for his law degree in Italy and spent long periods at foreign universities, in Europe and USA, studying European Community Law and International Trade Law.

Avv. Ballone Burini grew up completely immersed in the history of the accordion and its environment; when a child he learnt to play accordion; his grandfather founded a very well known accordion factory; his father was one of the most skilled repairer and tuner, part of that "old generation" of very talented craftsmen, capable of building an oustanding instrument with only a few artigianal tools.

has been established by Avv. Ballone Burini to help all accordion business people approaching Castelfidardo for the first time in connection with the accordion market, industry and events.

Business people coming to Castelfidardo rarely have the best knowledge of the place; the particular location of a factory, accessory suppliers, skilled technicians, tuners, repairers, etc.

They can obtain assistance concerning accordions events and business contacts with local institutions, banks and service suppliers. They might require a neutral meeting place where they can resolve problems or, to have access to the internet.

offices of Avv. Ballone Burini’s are very central, close to the city park near the "Hotel Parco" and the "Paolo Soprani" building.

Avv. Giovanni Ballone Burini:
via G. Matteotti n. 52
60022 Castelfidardo (An), Italy
Tel. and Fax +39/071/7823801
Mob. +39/338/7411326