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Daily Report - 5th April 2019

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The XIII International Ascoltate Acccordionist Competition was held from 5th to 7th April 2019.

Approximately 300 contestants participated in this very well organised event run by the organizations and personnel named below.

The competitions included an international jury (program order): Mirco Patarini (Italy), Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania), Vladislav Pligovka (Belarus), Aleksej Kuznecov (Russia), Nerius Bakula (Lithuania), Piotr Skowronski (Poland), Povilas Velikis (Lithuania), Arturs Noviks (Latvia), Volodymyr Ivanets (Ukraine).

Full information about the categories, rules, entry, are at: 2019AscoltateInfo.pdf
Listed below are the organisations and individuals who make this event a most successful competitions and festival. This very well organised event is also a fun event enjoyed by competitors and teachers.

Today featured many competition categories which I could not attend as travelling to Lithuania. Jury members told me there were many fine performances during the day and we have some pictures of the prize giving below.

Prize Giving

Ascoltate 2019 Prize Giving was opened by the Director of Competitions Mindaugas Labanauskas and Ascoltate 2019 Art Director Gražina Lukošiene.
A large banner with the event logo was on the stage.
All the prizes for only the first day of competitions. Each day of competitions.
Full results online at: 2019 Results
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) President Mirco Patarini spoke a few words. Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) Public Relations Manager Harley Jones gave a welcome speech.
Jury members stand in front of the category contestants. One can see from the pictures, the large numbers in many categories.
The Grand Prix winners received a larger trophy.
Grand Prix prize winner with trophy and certificate. Mirco Patarini and Vladislav Pligovka
After the prize giving, various people had their pictures taken in front of the Ascolate sign.
Aleksej Kuznecov (Russia), Mirco Patarini, Vladislav Pligovka
Mirco Patarini with the event photographer Jane Maceviciene who was always taking pictures and rarely in the picture.

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