Ascoltate 2017 XII International Accordionists Competition and Festival
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Daily Report - 11th April

Duets and Ensembles

Jury: Nerijus Bakula, Vladimira Orlovas, Tatjana Saratova


Jury: Nerijus Bakula (Lithuania), Vladimir Orlovas (Russia), Tatjana Saratova (Latvia).

Smolevichi accordion and folk music orchestra (Belarus).
1. G.F. Handel Pasakalija, arrang. M. Kislych / Passacaglia
2. V. Semionov Putinas raudonasis, arrang. V. Grushevsky / Kalina Krasnaya
3. K. Dzhenkins Palladio, arrang. M. Kislych
4. Art-rock stiliumi, arrang. M. Kislych / In Art-rock style

Pasvalys music school accordion orchestra (Lithuania)
1. Makedonijos l.d. „Ajde Jano“, arrang. H. Quakemack / Macedonian folk song
2. J. Rochlin Verpste / Distaff
3. H.G. Kolz Siuita „Miesto akimirkos“: Rytas, Piko valanda, Miesto parkas, Metro muzika, Naktine siela / Suite „City moments: Morning, Ruch Hour, Citypark, Subway Music, Soul Night
Kaunas 1st music school accordion orchestra (Lithuania)
1. A. Skulte Arietė / Ariete
2. S. Tempton Bachas eina į miestą / Bach goes to town
3. Y. Derbenko Koliažas / Collage
Kaunas A. Kačanauskas music school accordion orchestra (Lithuania)
1. E. Morricone Gabrieliaus obojus / Gabriels‘Oboe
2. L. Anderson Laikrodis / Clock
3. A. Piazzolla Chiquilin de Bachin
4. A. Piazzolla Oblivion
5. R. Bos Cukraus tema iš De fabrick / Sugar theme from „De fabrick“
Kaunas J. Gruodis Conservatory accordion orchestra (Lithuania)
1. A. Vivaldi Žiema II d. iš ciklo „Metu laikai“ / Winter II mov. from the cycle "Seasons"
2. A. Piazzolla Žiema Buenos Aires / Winter in Buenos Aires
3. E. Grieg Siuita „Iš Holbergo laiku“: Preliudas / Suite "From Holberg's Time": Prelude
4. J. Swearingen Seagate Overture
5. G. Cerioni, G. Bibiani Benedetta
6. G.F. Handel Karalienes Šebos atvykimui / The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Prize Giving

Mindaugas Labanauskas, Director of Competitions Kestutis Bliujus, Director of the Kaunas J.Gruodis Music Conservatory.
Gražina Lukošiene, Art Director of Competitions Nerijus Bakula
Prize Giving to category
Jury members
Harley Jones, Public Relations Manager, Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
speaking to the crowd and complimenting the audience on the enthusiasm of the contestants and complimenting the organisers on a very well run event.

Special Final Concert - 11th April

World Premiere: Rhythm Games composed by Mikolaj Majkusiak.
Accordion soloist Laimonas Salijus (Lithuania).
VDU Kamerinis Orkestras conducted by Jonas Janulevicius
Accordion soloist Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy) performs
SURYA (world premiere). This is a composition by Antonio Spaccarotella
arranged for string orchestra by Renzo Ruggieri, which Antonio composed
while in Calcutta (India) in 2014. VDU Kamerinis Orkestras conducted by Jonas Janulevicius
Frescos composed by Viatcheslav Semionov, accordion soloist Laimonas Salijus.
VDU Kamerinis Orkestras conducted by Jonas Janulevicius
Soloist Laimonas Salijus received an extended standing ovation from the audience for his performance.
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