Ascoltate 2017 XII International Accordionists Competition and Festival
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Daily Report - 10th April

Program Cover

Approximately 400 contestants participated in this very well organised event before an international jury which included (country order): Roman Pechmann (Austria), Vladislav Pligovka (Belarus), Mirco Patarini (Italy), Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy), Tatjana Saratova (Latvia), Vladimir Orlovas (Russia) with prominent teachers from Lithuania, Kazys Stonkus, Nerijus Bakula and Gintaras Mameniskis.

11th April Report featured duets and ensembles with some fine performances. Accordion Orchestras from three countries also performed and these were all very enjoyable.

The Final Concert included a world premiere and featured soloists Laimonas Salijus and Antonio Spaccarotella with the VDU Kamerinis Orkestras. This high level concert in a mostly full hall, was a superb venue for the concert which was enjoyed very much by the audience.


Kauno akordeonistu draugija / Kaunas Accordion Society.

Lietuvos nacionaline akordeonistu sajunga / Lithuanian National Accordionist‘s Union.

Kauno J.Gruodžio konservatorija / Kaunas J.Gruodis Conservatory
Direktorius / Director Kestutis Bliujus

Veiveriu Antano Kucingio meno mokykla / Veiveriai Antanas Kucingis Art School

Konkurso direktorius / Director of Competition
Mindaugas Labanauskas

Konkurso meno vadove / Art Director
Gražina Lukošiene

Konkurso koordinatoriai /Coordinators:
Irena Vaitkeviciute, Reda Labanauskiene, Birute Rušeniene, Vytas Rušenas, Renata Alaveckiene, Lina Bendoraitiene, Jane Maceviciene, Laimonas Salijus, Agne Daucianskaite, Kristina Dabravolskaite, Islanda Kaušiute, Audrius Daucianskas, Tautvydas Jurkša, Viktorija Nociute.

Vertimas i anglu kalba / Translation into English
Lina Bendoraitiene
Konkurso ivaizdžio kurimas / Public image shaping
Raminta Ardzeviciene

Full information about the categories, rules, entry, are at: 2017AscoltateInfo.pdf


Ascoltate 2017 was opened by the Director of Competitions Mindaugas Labanauskas and Ascoltate 2017 Art Director
Gražina Lukošiene.
Jury: Vladimiras Orlovas (Russia), Mirco Patarini (Italy), Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania)
No video. This picture was taken of a constestant in another competition room. Up to 4 rooms were
being used because of the large 400 approximate entries.
Jury: Gintaras Mameniskis (Lithuania), Vladislav Pligovka (Belarus), Roman Pechmann (Austria).
No video

Prize Giving

Mindaugas Labanauskas, Director of Competitions Gražina Lukošiene Ascoltate 2017 Art Director
Standing room only for the Prize Giving.
Lots of trophies.
Jury on stage.
Category presentations
Below, some jury members spoke to the competitors, teachers and parents.
Mirco Patarini (Italy) Vladimiras Orlovas (Russia)
Vladislav Pligovka (Belarus) Gintaras Mameniskis (Lithuania)
Roman Pechmann (Austria) Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania)
Nice certificates and nice trophies
Category presentations.

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