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Daily Report
Saturday 27 May 2006

Competition Results

Opening speech by AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx at the Ninevah Sports and Community Club hall, after which the competitions began.   Judges for the afternoon classes were Cathy Day (Australia), current South Pacific Champion Anne-Elise Koerntjes (Australia) and from Marjan Krajna (Croatia), well known teacher and performer who graduated from Gnessin Institute Moscow where the famous Viatchaslav Semionov was his teacher.
First contestant was the Mathilda Auroux looking really nice with her plaited hair and playing nicely too, to place first in her class.   Nick Shcherbakov performing.
Jedda Kassis.   Ivana Jovanovic enjoying performing.
Domonique Granturco   The youngest performer was 9 year old Jacob Imin, here performing for the first time ever in competition. This cute youngster put a smile on all the faces of the audience.
Joanna and Malcolm Irving in duet. This was the only father and daughter duet of the weekend.   Another very young player, Kenneth Lui, was also popular with the audience.
Next came a festival performance by Alexander Shirunov, current Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion World Champion. The tour to Australia and New Zealand is part of his prize for winning this important class.   Alexander Shirunov astounded the audience with his ability, tremendous technique and contrasting styles of music. Look at the physical action of Alexander Shirunov performing. More photos coming of this dynamic performer.
Christopher Tavernese with the cups display in the background.   Marko Matic from Croatia was the winner of the 15 years and under International class with a very high quality performance.
Marko Matic was fresh from success in Trieste, Italy and showing the audiences here in Australia why he has been so successful in the Northern Hemisphere.   Marko played with warmth and musicality amazing for his young 12 years of age, a tremendous credit to his teacher Marjan Krajna.
Trio winners JAC, named after the players. Jedda Kassis, Amelia Granturco and Christopher Tavernese.   Winner of the 12 years and under International Pacific Championships is Mathilde Auroux of Sydney.
Nick Shcherbakov was the winner of the 17 years and under International Open Solo Class Championship category.   Adjudicators for the top international class were Elizabeth Jones, Head of Accordion studies, Australian Institute of Music (Sydney), Alexander Shirunov (Russia), and Marjan Krajna (Croatia).
Lina Chegodaev, after having helped with results and music all day, then went on to play and win the International Open Accordion Championship.   The three contestants in the International Open Accordion Championship category pictured together, left to right. Ivan Liashenko 2nd = (Australia), Lina Chegodaev 1st (Australia), Campbell Hill 2nd = (New Zealand).
Attending the event was June Jones, recently honored by the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes for her contribution over many years to accordion in Australia.   AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx with two organisation helpers Lina Chegodaev (left) and Milica Obradovic.
Another guest talking with Tania was Rob Stephens, Assistant Musical Director of the Perth Accordion Orchestra.   Harley Jones, Director of Accordions Worldwide internet sites with Tania Lukic-Marx.
The program finished with a some popular duets by Lina Chegodaev and Milica Obradovic.   Youngest contestant Jacob Imin receiving his First Place certificate from AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx.
Marko Matic being presented his certificate for winning the 15 years and under, International Open Championship Solo Class.   Linda Chegodaev being presented her 1st prize certificate with some humour from her friends.
After the presentation there was a dinner for accordionists at the Fogolar Furlan - Vento Club where Enzo Giribaldi and Marjan Krajna (Croatia) made very enjoyable entertainment.   Tania and husband Steve enjoying a dance to the lively dance music of Enzo and Marjan.
Elizabeth Jones, Conductor of the ASA NSW State Accordion Orchestra addressing the audience before the orchestra began their program which led to 1st Place Australian Accordion Orchestra Championship. Another photo below.

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