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Class AI252 Australian International Piano Accordion Solo Championship
Australian Solo Accordion Championship Class C14
1st Mylie Thwaites 2nd Linda Gui 3rd Li Li Highly Commended Ann-Elise Koerntjes
AI251 Australian International Accordion Solo Competition, 15 years and under, Australian Championship Class C7
1st Andrew Liashenko 2nd Ivan Liashenko
AI250 Australian International Accordion Solo Competition, 12 years and under, Australian Championship Class C4
1st Joanna Irving
Class C9 Junior Virtuoso
1st Ann-Elise Koeerntjes 2nd Nick Suntsov
Class Q205 14 Years and Over, Light Classical
1st Lina Chegodaev 2nd Nick Suntsov 3rd Ivan Liashenko
Class Q207 14 Years and Over, Novelty
1st Ivan Liashenko 2nd Lina Chegodaev 3rd Kenny Guan
Class Q215 13 Years And Under, Creative
1st Joanna Irving
Class S109 9 Years And Under
1st Kristine Kroon
Class S111 13 to 15 Years And Under
1st Kenny Guan
Class Q201 13 years and Under, Free Bass
1st Amelia Granturco
Class Q203 Composition Open
1st Ann-Elise Koerntjes
Class Q206 13 Years & Under, Novelty
1st Robert Zhu
Class Q213 14 Years and Over, European Ethnic Music
1st Ann-Elise Koerntjes 2nd Nick Suntsov 3rd Lina Chegodaev
Class S110 10 to 12 Years and Under
1st Amelia Granturco 2nd Dominique Granturco 3rd Robert Zhu
Class Q208 13 Years and Under, Pop Music
1st Joanna Irving
Class Q204 13 Years and Under, Light Classical
1st Andrew Liashenko 2nd Dominique Granturco 3rd Joanna Irving
Class C17 15 Years and Under, Button Accordion Solo
1st Lina Chegodaev 2nd Nick Scherbakov
Class Q211 14 Years and Over, Jazz
1st Lukas Maio

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