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Class Q205 13 years and over Light Classical - Wu Yu
Class Q207 13 years and over, Novelty - Grayson Masefield
Class Q214 Open Accordion Solo with self vocal - Indira Moala
Class Q212 12 years and under, Europinian Ethnic Music - Hua Wen Bin
Class Q204 12 years and under, Light Classical - Andrew Liashenko
Class Q 206 12 years and under, Novelty - Huang Jie
Class Q 209 13 years and over, Pop Music - Li Zhi Meng
Class Q 216 13 years and over, Creative - Indira Moala
Class Q208 12 years and under, Pop Music - Huang Jie
Class Q 213 13 years and over, Ethnic Music - Milica Canak
Class Q 210 12 years and under, Jazz - Kenny Guan
Class C 64 International Accordion Orchestra Championship - Christchurch Accordioon Orchestra
Class Q 219 13 years and over, Sight Reading - Indira Moala
Class S118 15 years and under, more then 1 year playing expirience - Linda Gu
Class S116 12 years and under, more then 1 year playing experiance - Zhang Ying
Class S 110 9 years more then 6 months playing experiance - Li Bin Jie
Class AI 253 Australian International Button Accordion Solo Championship Class C 18 - Milica Obradovic
Class C12 Open Electrical Modified Accordion Solo - Grayson Masefield
Class C9 - Junior Virtuoso, 17 years and under - Milica Obradovic
Class C11 Open Free Bass - Indira Moala
Class AI251 Australian International Accordion Solo Competition - Wu Yu
Australian International Open Duet - leislei and Indira Moala
Class AI252 Australian International Piano Accordion Solo Championship- Paula Harris
Class C14 Australian Solo Accordion Championship - Paula Harris
Class AI 251 Australian International Accordion Solo Class 15 & under - Wu Yu
Class C7 Championship 15 & under, no Australian entries
Class AI 250 Australian International Accordion Solo Class 12 & under - Zhang Ying

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