Photo Gallery

Matthias Matzke Federico Pigini and Andrea Ottavianelli
George Lambie with Holda Marco Cinaglia with a collaborator and Matthias Matzke
Mr./Mrs Zimmermann with Dragan Djokic (middle) Petar Maric
Ignazio Sorci/Cganoni and Alessio Gerundini/07 Alessandro Zucchini and Ignazio Sorci
  Alessio with collaborator

at "Scandalli's"
with Lu Bin, Carlo Baldassari and Elisa Linari

Selenia Menghini with Margaret, Norton and Alister Colin from Scotland Mirco Patarini with Aleksandar Nikolic
Giansandro Breccia with his son Roberto

at Baffetti's (Milena Baffetti and above with Portugese distributor)
Andrea Ballone Burini at Herold's from Klingenthal with Major Thomas Hennig
at Sinova's

Pino Dimodugno Francesco and Milean Mengascini with Paolo Miles (middle)
Pino Dimodugno performing on STAGE
mr/mrs Zimmermann Petar Maric and Mattias Matzke
Holda with Andrea Ottavianelli Weltmeister with the new owner of the company Mr. Hans Jahn, Rolf Lenz-Donner and
Holda with Sean Montgommery Fabio Ballone Burini
Holda with Elisabetta Marotta Ballone Burini Family
  Christa Benke
busy Mrs. Zimmermann Holda with Klingenthal Mayor Thomas Hennig
at 07's at Pigini's
Maria Rita and Claudio from Musictech Gennaro Ruffolo and Paolo Miles
at Goldencup with Hu Shendong
Holda and Buzor Nenic the italian mythe - Pino DiModugno
at Orla's Claudia Orlandoni
Orla Family "Monaci"
Lucia Buontempi, Holda and Claudia Orlandoni Dr. Christoph Niederwieser with Matthias Matzke
Milena and Genuino Baffetti Stefano Mengascini with Holda
Selenia Menghini with her brother Andrea and Holda
german Distributor of Pasco/Moreschi/Paolo Soprani at Musictech
at Pigini's Holda with Dr. Christoph Niederwieser
Andrea, Jovica, Petar at Bugari's
Jovica Djordjevic, Holda, Petar Maric Jovica Djordjevic and Dragan Djokic "Dragonfly"
Andrea and Roberto Ottavianelli Greta Gubler
Fabio BB, Giansandro and Roberto Breccia at the Beltuna Booth
Titlebach's Holda and Matteo Mengascini
Roberto Breccia and Fabio Ballone Burini Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Italcinte, Amleto Dallapé, Franco Gerboni
Amleto Dallapé and Holda Beniamino Bugiolacchi/Italcinte, Amleto Dallapé
Nowak Harmonikas / Mrs. Susitz at Andrea Ballone Burini with Andrea Agostinelli
Bruno Casali/IMC, Theresia Mager, Christian Dehn at the end of the trade show ;-)
and Holda being carried away by the "2 strong VIKINGS" from Sweden (Sven and Lars Karlssons) in their
also " STRONG Karlssons Carrier Bag"
good bye from Frankfurt - see you next year! (don't miss to check out the page News Fair location)

Featured Customers

Pasco Musictech Cagnoni Beltuna
Scandalli Italcinte Piermaria Galassi
Roman Jbanov Master Production Bugari Excelsior
Mengascini Roland Pigini Dallapé
The Accordion Shop Baffetti Harmonikaz Zero Sette
ORLA IMC Pasco/Paolo Soprani Vociarmoniche

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