Daily Reports, 2021 Coupe Mondiale, Ends Sunday, Munich - Germany

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2021 Coupe Mondiale posterVideo above: Naoko & Andreas Nebl at the Coupe Mondiale Opening Concert.

The Daily Reports of video and pictures started on Wednesday 13th October with the Opening Concert. There will be video of every Coupe Mondiale contestants performances and the concerts, provided by the CIA Video Archive and Education Project. Results online with the prize giving finish on 17th October 2021.

Video Homepage & Video Timetable at: 2021CM-Video

Daily Reports, pictures, results at: 2021CM-Report


Popular Accordion Busker Gifted New Accordion by Giansandro Breccia of Pasco Italia - Italy/Ireland

Tom McNamara
Giansandro BrecciaLimerick Leader Newspaper reporter Nick Rabbitts, in Limerick, Ireland, included an online item recently about popular local busker Tom McNamara playing the accordion in one of his regular spots in the city centre.

“For decades, Tom McNamara, who is 84, has played music across the city. But inevitably, his squeeze-box has suffered a bit of wear and tear in that time. One of his neighbours highlighted to the Limerick Leader last month that the musician needs a new instrument.

Giansandro Breccia, President of Pasco Italia (picture left), which is based in Castelfidardo in central-eastern Italy, said he wanted to donate a brand new instrument to Tom.”

Speaking to the Limerick newspaper, he said: “I read your story about Tom on the internet. Some Irish friends of mine confirmed to me that he is very popular not only in Limerick, but all across Ireland. My idea came immediately, why not [donate]?

“I’m 60 years old, and I have passed my life in the music business. I know for any musician, his instrument is like a child. So I understand Tom is looking for a new baby after a long time,” added the company’s President.


New Chamber Opera to be Performed at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn - Estonia

Minnie pic
Estonian Academy of Music and TheatreA new Chamber Opera entitled “Minnie” composed by Tze Yeung Ho, will be performed at the Concert and Theatre Hall, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn on October 20th, 2021 at 7pm.

“Minnie” was written by Tze Yeung Ho as part of his Doctoral Concert, held in collaboration with Opera Veto, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and AccordionFest Estonia. The opera is generously supported by Norsk kulturråd (Arts Council of Norway), Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Norwegian Society of Composers, Music Norway / The Foreign Ministry of Norway, and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tallinn.


23rd Accordion Days Rheinsberg, February 2022 – Germany

DHV logoThe 23rd Accordion Days Rheinsberg will be held from February 18th to 20th, 2022 at the Music Academy Kavalierhaus in Rheinsberg, Germany following the cancellation of the 2021 event due to Covid-19.

The German Harmonica Association (DHV Brandenburg) invites young and adult accordionists throughout Germany – pupils, students, teachers, orchestra players and conductors – to make music together over three days and to learn from each other.


1st International Istanbul Accordion Festival – Turkey

1st Turkey festival poster
The 1st International Istanbul Accordion Festival will take place from October 28th to November 1st, 2021, at the Mustafa Saffet Cultural Center, in collaboration with Akorder Accordion Association, the Istanbul Okan University, and Atasehir District Municipality in Istanbul, Turkey.

The event will include a workshop and concerts.

For details email: info@akorder.com


Ratoi Radu Recital in Chișinău - Moldova

Radu poster
Accordionist Ratoi Radu will give a recital at the Sala cu Orga (Organ Hall) in Chisinau, Moldova on October 19th at 6pm as part of the Festivalul ”Zilele Muzicii Noi” ("New Music Days" Festival).

His program will include S.Gubaidulina - De profundis, Gh.Ciobanu - Expanding Spaces (premier), L.Berio - Sequenza XIII, M.Lindberg - Jeux d'Anches, S.Haapamaki – Power, A.Kusyakiv - Sonata nr.6, B.Lorentzen – Tears and T.Hosokawa – Melodia.

For details phone: 022 22 25 28


New and Updated Sites

Daily Reports, Pictures and Competition Results, PIF Castelfidardo - Italy

PIF Castelfidardo header
Daily Reports, pictures, results, jury, concerts and information online at: 2021Castelfidardo about the PIF Castelfidardo 46th edition which ran from the 27th September to 2nd October.


Updated Site: London Accordion Orchestra Charity Concert, England - UK

LAO header
The London Accordion Orchestra will present their first concert in 2 years at St. Gabriel's Church in Pimlico, Central London, England on October 23rd, 2021, along with their 2nd orchestra “London Accordion Players”. All profits from the concert will be donated to “The Friends of St. Gabriel's”.



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