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Очень популярный аккордеонный круиз, проведенный во Всемирный день аккордеона - Финляндия

cruise ship
Cruise finalistscruise photoThe Accordion Cruise by Suomen Harmonikkaliitto (SHL - Finland Accordion Association) for over 1,200 accordion enthusiasts, went ahead during World Accordion Day weekend (May 7th & 8th, 2022).

The cruise was originally planned for the end of January 2022 and had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

The cruise features a variety of live music, wonderful atmosphere, dancing, singing and joy!


Cruise performance

“Astor Piazzolla, the Father of the New Tango” Вечер "Астор Пьяццолла, отец нового танго" в музее аккордеона Кастельфидардо - Италия

Book cover
Paolo PicchioPaolo Picchio (picture left) and the book Astor Piazzolla, The father of Nuevo Tango (Edizioni Curci - picture above) will be the main participants on Sunday May 15th, 2022 at 6.30 pm at the accordion Museum Castelfidardo in Ancona, Italy.

Musicologist, accordionist and composer, Picchio will present the volume in which he traces the biographical and artistic events of the brilliant Argentine composer and bandoneonist (Mar del Plata, 11 March 1921 - Buenos Aires, 4 July 1992), from his beginnings to world popularity. Foreword by Laura Escalada Piazzolla and Daniel Villaflor Piazzolla.


Празднование 20-летнего юбилея Guardia Nueva, Коккола - Финляндия

Guardia Nueva concert poster
Raimo VertainenGuardia Nueva conducted by Raimo Vertainen (picture right) will hold their 20th Jubilee Celebration concert at the Kokkloa Ice Rink in Kokkola, Finland on May 21st, 2022 at 6pm.


Guardia Nueva

Фестиваль Ærø Harmonika - Дания

Aero banner
Evert TaubeThe 27th Ærø Harmonika Festival will be held in Marstal, Denmark from May 20th to 22nd, 2022.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events due to Covid-19, organisers are looking forward to an event full of fun, good music, dancing and concerts.

The festival will begin on May 19th with a small concert of soloists and groups in the Marstal Church, before the official opening on May 20th.


Fest pic

Больше отчетов о Всемирном дне аккордеона (WAD) 2022 года в режиме онлайн - Международный

World Accordion Day header
World Accordion Day logoThere are more reports and video online which you can view at: World Accordion Day (WAD)
Enjoy the worldwide WAD celebrations.


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Сроки и правила ПИФ Кастельфидардо 2022 года опубликованы на английском и итальянском языках - Италия

2022 PIF header
Antonio SpaccarotellaRoberto Ascani, Ruben CittadinThe 2022 PIF Castelfidardo dates have been set. Wednesday 28 September to Sunday 02 October 2022. Entry closing date is 04 September 2022. Rules and further information in English and Italian at: 2022Castelfidardo

The City Council of Castelfidardo (Marche region, Italy), in collaboration with Castelfidardo Pro Loco Tourist Association, organizes the PIF International Competition “Città di Castelfidardo” for accordion soloists and groups, of classical music and other genres.


Six More Titles, Julia Gordon Scottish Music Arrangements - Scotland

Julia Gordon accordion sheet music
Julia GordonJulia Gordon, entertainer, teacher and arranger, has a tutor book and a large catalog of Scottish arrangements that have received very complimentary reviews. The music is in pdf format able to be emailed to you.

Six more titles, of Scottish traditional works arranged by Julia Gordon are now online. Click the link below, to view a sample of each piece, grade and other information.

Catalog No. - Name of Music
jgordon179 Loch Rannoch
jgordon169 O'er The Water To Charlie
jgordon164 Ye Banks And Braes
jgordon149 Will Ye Gang Tae Kelvin Grove
jgordon173 Màiri Bhàn Òg (Mary, Young And Fair)
jgordon189 Òran Chaluim Sgàire (Calum Sgaire's Song)


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