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Christine JohnstoneIn this weeks news, unfortunately we have had to announce further event cancellations due to COVID-19 as the pandemic has been worsening in Europe with many countries enforcing further lockdowns.

Sadly we have also had to report that the world has lost some accordionists to the virus.

On a more positive note, we will continue to bring you news of online concerts, competitions, festivals, CD releases and other events, plus some lovely videos in our Children's Corner.

Please continue to send your contributions to: cjmusic@outlook.co.nz

Accordions Worldwide wishes you all a safe and healthy 2021.


2021 Coupe Mondiale Rules and Regulations Released, Munich - Germany

2021 Coupe Mondiale posterThe 74th Coupe Mondiale will be held from 13-17 October 2021 in Munich, Germany, hosted by the CIA member, the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV), Project Leader is First Vice-President: Georg Hettmann.

Our Coupe Mondiale in Germany also celebrates the milestone 90th Anniversary of the DHV, a founding member of the CIA.

The festival will feature competitions as follows:
• 73rd Coupe Mondiale
• Masters Coupe Mondiale
• Junior Coupe Mondiale
• International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
• Chamber Music - Classical
• Chamber Music - World Music

2021 rules and regulations at: Coupe Mondiale
View hotel information and pictures of the concert venues at: Coupe Mondiale
Download printable event poster at: 2021CM-poster.pdf

The on-line entry system will open in Spring and the entry closing date is 25 August 2021.


2021 Yangtai Mountain Cup & National Accordion Art Festival, Shenzhen - China

International Video performers
Prof. Li Cong, Mr Mr. Tong JianhuaThe 2021 Yangtai Mountain Cup and National Accordion Art Festival for Primary and Middle School students, Shenzhen has been held in China from 16th - 17th January.

Above are two international videos of goodwill messages and a musical video of "You Raise Me Up" by young players and Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) officials from different parts of the world. Many important Chinese accordion teachers also sent messages of goodwill.

The event also had a number of online masterclasses and lectures as well as the festival and competitions.


Opening Ceremony performers

Duo Vilda 2021 Winners of “Music Moves Europe” Talent Awards

Duo Vilda
VildaDuo Vilda, which includes accordionist Viivi Maria Saarenkylä and indigenous Samí singer Hildá Länsman (Finland) were announced winners of the Eurosonic online festival, “Music Moves Europe” Talent Awards. The awards ceremony was held online (due to Covid-19 restrictions) from January 13th to 16th, 2021.

The event was hosted by UK artist Mel C and is a non-profit, European artists only, 100% showcase festival and music conference, which has a proven track record for helping new acts break into the international music scene.

Every year, eight outstanding artists receive a Music Moves Europe Talent Award in recognition of their international success, as well as being rewarded with a performance at ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) and financial support for touring and promotion.


2021 Orpheus Award - Italy

2021 Orpheus Award
Renzo RuggieriGerlando GattoThe XI edition of the Orpheus Award 2021 will take place this year in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy following the 2020 cancellation due to COVID-19.

This event is the Critics' Award for Accordion Productions for the whole family of reeds and is aimed at Italian artists, organised by The Associazione Promozione Arte, Artistic Director Gerlando Gatto, Renzo Ruggieri (President) and Giuseppe Di Falco (Secretary).


New and Updated Sites

Site Update: Wallace Liggett Passes Away - New Zealand

New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
Book Cover, History of the Accordion in New ZealandWallace LiggettSite update for Wallace Liggett who passed away 18th October, 2020 He was the author of the book The History of the Accordion in New Zealand.

November 13th, 2020 news item

In 1990, the New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA) commissioned Wallace Liggett to be the author of the book "The History of the Accordion in New Zealand) , to ensure that information about the early history of the accordion in New Zealand, the individuals and their struggle for the wider acceptance and appreciation of the accordion by musicians and public alike, was not lost through the passage of time.


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